Spirit of the Goat

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Ten Years ago in Gotham

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Ten Years ago in Gotham.

Reporter on the tv.  "The Goat killer is not going to dampen the party tonight.  The Wayne's are celebrating the third birthday of Bruce and Tony.  As festivities begin, tonight in the grand ballroom." The reporter said smileing into the tv camera.  Meanwhile on the streets Harvey and his partner Dix.  They are on the case of The Goat Killer.   "Milky Randell. We have him Dix, he is in there.  I can just feel it." Harvey said to Dix.  They were sitting in the car looking at the building on 1100 street.  Randell's van is parked outside.  Harvey runs into the building.  Dix calls for backup before he enters.  Harvey finds the girl.  She has been strung up like a star fish.  Dressed all in white.  Again she is one of Gotham's finest, and the oldest child.  Harvey lets her down.  After he dose the Goat comes for him.  He and Harvey fight.  Dix gets knocked down over the railing.  He is down and out.  Harvey gets the Goat Killer.  But Dix will never walk again!  What a bargen Harvey.

Ten Years Later.

Harvey is on the train bridge.  He is passing up and down.  Ed Nygma is with him.  "Are you alright Detective?" Ed asked.  "No!  I solved this case ten years ago." Harvey mumbled.  "Look he has left the victims ID.  He is calling himself the Gotham Goat." Ed said with his famous smile.  "Where the hell is Jim?" Harvey asked Ed.  "He is not answering his phone." Ed replied.  "What I am on the clock before the boy scout?" Harvey asked with a grin.  "It would seem so." Ed replied as he continued to collect evidence.  

Jim's phone is on the dinning table.  It has been buzzing away for a while now.  "It's your work again Daddy." Rachel said smileing at him.  "Well I will not apologize for my past Jim." Barbara continued on with their conversation.  She was ignoring Rachel again.  "It's not that Barbara." Jim said.  "Then share with me." Barbara pleaded with him.  "Hey Mum he is a cop.  Maybe he can't." Samantha said.  "Work again Daddy.  They must like you a lot." Rachel said.  "Eat your cereal.  It is time you were off to school." Barbara said to them.  "I guess we aint in this family no more Rachel.  Come on lets go let the grown up's talk." Samantha said glaring at Barbara.  Barbara and Jim both laughed.  "So are we finished?" Jim asked moving in on Barbara.  She give in and smiled.  They kiss.  "Mr Harvey now Daddy." Rachel said smileing at them.  

"What do ya think they are up to?" Jade asked Selina.  They were watching Montoya and Allen arrive at the doc's. "No good I recon." Selina said as they watched.  They talked to the old man there.  Held up Pictures of Jim and Oswald.  The old man looked at them nodding.  Then held out his spy glasses.  "I wonder if this has something to do with Mr Oswald." Jade said.  "Ah Duh!  Do ya think?" Selina said with a laugh.  "Yeah Sena I do.  Maybe we should go see Samantha.  Do ya remember her?" Jade asked.  "Yeah I remember." Selina said with a smile.  "Come on I know she goes to Gotham Academy.  We can catch her at lunch maybe?" Jade said.  On ya girls.  "Hey Samantha." Jade called tapping on the glass.  Silence.  "I don't think she is home Sena." Jade said.  "Yeah she is.  Look she is in with Jim and Barbara." Selina said pointing to the windows near the dinning room.  "Guess we will have to wait then." Jade said.

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