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Bruce is still adding to his wall

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Bruce is still adding to his wall.  Jackson and Tony are sitting studding while they watch.  "Still at it i see Master Bruce." Alfred said.  "Yes." Bruce said.  "He is off with his detective work.  You are not going to get to him today Alfred." Tony said as he watched his brother.  "Yes I can see that.  But it is a nice day fancy a walk boys?" Alfred asked.  "Well I would not say no.  But Brucey boy would be not agreeable to that I am sure." Jackson said.  "Well I don't car if Bruce is not agreeable I am." Tony said.  "Well Cousin lets walk." Jackson said taking his arm in his they left the room.  "Sorry Alfred, did you want something?" Bruce asked.  "No Sir.  Nothing." Alfred said leaving the room.  

Maroni is holding court again.  He wants to rob Falcone's Casino.  He is talking to Frankie about it all.  When Maroni is finished, he leaves.  Frankie sees that Oswald is listening.  "You got a problem?" He asked with attitude.  "No Sir, no I don't." Oswald said glaring right back at Frankie.  Watch out Frankie.  You are on Oswald's list!  

Benny one of the homeless boys.  He is sitting strumming his guitar.  Jade is with him dancing away to the music.  Benny is laughing.  "See I can do the chicken dance." Jade said laughing.  She wiggled her bum and flapped her arms.  A man stood watching them.  He had a mangle ear.  Jade smiled at him.  He did not smile back.  But he did leave something in Benny's case.  A green vile.  Jade looked Benny in the eye's.  "No Benny don't.  Ya been clean for nearly a month now.  Don't do it." Jade pleaded with him.  "I have to Kitten." Benny said as he broke the top off of the vile.  The green gas emptied out of the bottle.  It looked to Jade as if it just rose up into Benny's nose.  Benny sniffed.  "Oh Kitten it feels so good!" Benny said before he wandered off down the street.  Jade run off in search of Selina.  

Meanwhile Benny has made his way into a corner store.  He is at the fridge guzzling milk.   Like there is no  more cows left.  "Hey you got to pay for that." The man said.  "Don't vex me Mortal." Benny replied.  "Don not vex me Mortal.  I will give you Mortal!" The man said as he came around the counter with a baseball bat.  

Jim and Harvey are at the burger stand.  Again they argue about burgers.  Do they agree on anything at all?  Across the street.  Selina slides down the awning.  She moved over the car.  She is about to take the man's wallet.  By now Jim has his burger.  He is laughing with Harvey.  He sees Selina.  "You!" He yells at her.  The man she is stealing from looks at her.  She grabs him tumbles him over and runs.  Jim drops his burger.  He chases her.  But of course Selina has lived on the streets of Gotham all her life.  She has an escape route.  She is gone.  "Oh come on Jim.  It is lunch time!  Jim!" Harvey calls to him.  Jim has herd the alarm.  He is off to investigate. "Jim!  It's lunch time!  Relax Jim." Harvey yells as he follows.  Still got ya burger and shake I see Harvey! They arrive at the corner shop.  It seems Benny has ripped the ATM from the wall.  "So did you get the make of the car, a licence plate, or anything?" Jim asked.  "No he ripped it out of the wall himself." He said.  Jim and Harvey looked at each other.  Only In Gotham!

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