Penguin as emerged from the river.  He is hitching a ride.  With I might say not much luck.  Then two young men take him on.  They tell him he smells.  That he looks like a smelly bird.  Not the right thing to say to Pengi guys.  Penguin breaks his bottle and kills one of the boys.  Naughty Penguin!

Jim and Harvey are in with Sarah Essen.  They are still arguing.  She tells them not to tell the press.  Under any terms, do not tell the press.  Yes Sarah Mam!  Ed Nygma.  He is with the GCPD.  He is a forensic scientist with them.  He has information on the drug Makey had in his system.  "It is APT.  A drug used in the old Arkum.  To subdue patients that were out of control." Ed said with a grin.  "Thank you Ed." Sarah said.  He smiled and took his time leaving the office.  Odd fellow inst he? 

Fish is in the club.  Her and Butch are enjoying the music.  Don Falcone comes to visit.  He asked Fish about what Oswald Cobblepot said about her wanting to take over.  She of course denies it.  She tells him not to worry about his enemy's.  "I never loose sleep over my enemy's.  It is my friends that keep me awake at night." Don Falcone said.  Fish smiles.  Don Falcone has her lover beaten up.  Fish goes off!

Montoya and her work partner Crispus Allen.  Have made their way to see Mrs Kapelput.  Oswald Cobblepot's {AKA The Penguin} Mother.  It seem's they are close.  She dose not know where he is.  She is getting worried now.  He would never leave without his cloths. 

Fish is talking to Butch in an empty club.  They are talking about the take over of Don Falcone.  He is an old man, he has got to go.  Yes Miss Mooney, but will you be number one?  

Penguin finds an old trailer to rent.  He has his two boys stashed in the back of their truck.  A nice one too.  On ya Penguin.  

Harvey and Jim are back talking to Fish.  They want info on the kids that are being taken.  Fish gets into Jim's face.  I think she likes him.  They talk about the kids and the boy disrupting the trade in the Narrows.  

Jim is at home with Barbara.  They are having take out tonight.  Jim is disusing the case.  "So kids on the street are going missing?" Rachel asked.  "What are they doing with them?" Samantha asked.  "We don't know?" Jim said.  "So why can the public not know about this?" Barbara asked. "The Mayor dose not want the negative publicity." Jim said.  "Stuff the Mayor.  I could be an anonymous tip off to them." Samantha said.  "No you can not young lady." Jim said.  "But I could." Barbara said as she went to the phone.  "No!  No Barbara don't." Jim said.  "Are you really that much of a pussy Jim?" Samantha asked.  Jim glared over at Samantha.  "Oh you said naughty words didn't ya?" Rachel asked.  "I'm sorry Jim." Samantha said getting up and leaving the table.  "There it's done.  Now we can eat." Barbara said smileing at him and Rachel.  Where is Samantha Barbara? 

The next day the headlines read.  "Child Snatchers!"  Sarah Essen is not a happy camper.  She even accuses Harvey.  😒

Doug and Patti are in the back of the Chemist.  He is the one that has been helping them.  He got them the drugs.  Now he wants a bigger share.  The won't have it.  While they argue, Jim and Harvey arrive outside.  "Oh gosh, cops." Patti said as she watched the security tv.  They hide.  Meanwhile Jim and Harvey are arguing again.  This time Harvey wants to know if it was Jim that let the papers know?  "It was Barbara." Jim said.  "See I told ya.  You are human like the rest of us." Harvey said laughing.  They get into the chemist.  They talk  with the man.  The Patti turns off the lights.  There is a shoot out.  Then Jim and Harvey take in the chemist.  They find kids in the  back of the chemist.  Looks like you are done buddy.  The doll-maker will not be getting his kids today. Patti and Doug get away.  

Mayor James is holding a press conference.  He is telling the kids he will protect them.  What a big fat liar!    "What are you going to do with the children?" Jim asked.  "Foster homes for the cute and undamaged ones.  Up state for the rest." Mayor James said.  Aint he a nice man? 

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