Selina Kyle

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Bruce is in the den, he has hes hand over the candle flame

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Bruce is in the den, he has hes hand over the candle flame.  "You are an idiot." Tony said to him as he watched him.  "I am trying to face my fears.  What are you doing Tony.  Did you even cry when Mum and Dad died?" Bruce yelled at his twin.  "No Bruce.  You know why.  Because I was borne second!  Now get over yourself.  You are not the only one hurting here." Tony said.  "There you two are.  I have been looking all over the bloody house for you two." Alfred said.  Bruce stood he held his hand behind his back.  "What are you hiding Master Bruce?" Alfred asked.  "He is an idiot.  Brucey Boy has been hurting himself.  Did you know he is the only one who is hurting?" Tony said.  "Oh you silly boy.  Come here." Alfred said taking them both into a hug.  They all stood tears freely streaming down their faces. 

Jade and Selina stood by the fire drums.  "So Makey it's your turn.  Truth or dare?" Jade said with a grin.  As this happened, a what looked like an armored car arrived.  Everyone turned to the van.  A woman and a man got out.  "Hi I'm Patti, this here is Doug.  We are from the Mayors outreach program.  We have soup, sandwiches, cookies." Patti said.  "We even have Chocolate." Doug said.  "Who don't like Chocolate?" Patti said.  "Com on then help yourself." Doug said as the children moved towards the bus.  "Come on Cat, Kitten." Makey said to them.  But Selina held Jade back.  She held her back in the shadows.  As the children took some food, the woman came up behind them with a pen.  She stabbed them in the neck.  "What you doing crazy lady!" Makey said as he run from her.  "Oh Fudge." Patti said.  "That don't look good Sena." Jade said hiding deeper into the shadows with Selina.  Then out of nowhere came a boy.  He was dressed in black.  He had a hood over his head.  "Nasty people." He said kicking at them.  "Run kids run." He yelled at them.  But most of em were already on the ground.  Doug pulled out his gun.  The old man who had been sitting with the kids coped a bullet.  "I will get you next time." The hooded boy said as he run away.  By now Makey was down the street.  he had fallen into a restaurant window.  "What was that Sena?" Jade asked her eyes wide.  "Not sure Kitten." Selina said.  ""Oh shoot.  But at least we got a few.  Come on." Patti said.  "Who was that pesky kid.  That is the second time he has stopped us." Doug said.  "I don't know but next time we will get him too." Patti said.

The next morning the girls stood watching Jim as he checked out the old man.  "Sena he seems to be on the good side." Jade said.  "Yeah I wonder how long he will be there.  You know with Harvey and all." Selina said.  "Yeah makes ya wonder if he really is on your side or not." Jade said.  "Well if we were cought.  I would go to him for help." Selina said.  Jade smiled at her.  The girls watched as Harvey and Jim got in to an argument again.  

Later back at the GCPD.  Jim and Harvey are talking to Mackey.  "Then this boy came out of nowhere.  He started to kick into them.  Held em off long enough for me to get down the street.  That's where I fell into the window.  She drudged me.  She used a pen!" Makey said.  She stabbed you with a pen.  She drugged you?" Jim said.  "Yeah you can ask Cat.  I don't do that stuff.  Kids have been going missing for weeks.  No one cares.  Well no one accept that boy who has been helping around town.  He has scared off a few nasty men." Makey said.  "Who's Cat?" Jim asked.  "Don't bullshit me Makey." Harvey said.  Harvey went on to threaten him.  But they still go nothing.  

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