Arriving In The Narrows

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Two weeks ago at the Hospital

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Two weeks ago at the Hospital.

Mary entered the ward. Sharon was sitting up in bed. She looked pale. The curtain was drawn between the beds. 'You don't look so hot mate." Mary said to Sharon. "No. She aint that big, and she come quick." Sharon said. "That's always good." Mary said. "Yeah I guess. When can we go do you think?" Sharon asked. "Well I was thinking maybe tomorrow, if you are up to it?" Mary asked Sharon. "I will be." Sharon said determination in her voice. "What do I do with her?" Sharon asked. "Well we could leave her here at the hospital?" Mary said. "Maybe." Sharon replied. At that moment the Nurse brought Pamela in to see her parents. "Here we go little Pamela. Mummy is waiting to feed you." Nurse said to the pink bundle in her arms. She smiled at Sharon on the way to the next bed. "I will go love." Mario said to his wife Alice. She smiled at him. All she had ever wanted was a baby. As Mario went to leave he seen Mary. "Hello Mary inst it?" He asked her. "Yes. Mario meet my friend Sharon." Mary replied with a huge smile. "Hello, what did you have?" Mario asked. "A girl." Sharon said. "Us to." Mario said as he was about to leave the room, the Nurse brought in Harleen. She of course was screaming her head off. It was as if she knew her Mother didn't want her. "She has a good set of lungs on her." Mario said with a chuckle. "I bet yours will too." Sharon said with half a smile. "I will leave you to feed Harleen. Do you want to grab a coffee?" Mary asked Mario. He smiled and off they went to the hospital cafe.

Once at the cafe Mary sat and talked with Mario. She sussed him out about things. Then went in for the kill. "If I could get you some money, do you think you and Alice could look out for Harleen for us?" Mary asked. "What?" Mario asked in shock. Was she asking a complete stranger to look out for their child? "I mean exactly what I said. If I got you say 2 thousand dollars would you look out for Harleen?" Mary asked. "Why where do you need to go?" Mario asked. "Never mind that." Mary said. "For how long?" Mario asked. Mary sat in silence. "I was thinking you could tell your friends that they were twins?" Mary said. "I would have to talk with Alice first." Mario said. "Well I will go organize the money. You have until the end of the day." Mary said getting up and leaving.

That evening at the hospital Mario returned to see Alice. Sitting beside Pamela was a small cot. Inside a baby with a tuft of blond hair. Beside her was some papers. A birth certificate all filled out. Harleen Frances Quinzel. Sharon Quinzel/ Mother. Nick Quinzel /Father. On the note it said that they had the right to change her name if they wanted to. With the note there was a wad of money. Alice awoke as Pamela started to cry. "Hello Mario, I think our daughter wants food." Alice smiled at him. "Yes my love she dose. Ah Alice you know how you wanted to have a bigger family?" Mario asked. "Yes my love. But for now Pamela is enough for us." She said with a smile. "Are ya sure ya didn't have twins?" Mario said with a smile at her. "Twins, I didn't have twins." Alice said with a weak smile. "Yeah ya did. Ya always wanted twins didn't ya?" He asked her. Just then Harleen cried to. "Oh isn't she just darling!" Alice said with a smile at the new baby.

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