Chapter 95.

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"I remember when
I remember, I remember when I lost my mind
There was something so pleasant about that place"


After the last couple days of seeing Harry in that state where he was locked inside his own head; completely disassociated, seeing him back to his usually crude self is a blessing.

"Someone's in a better mood" I say, raising accusing brows at him when his hands go to my hips to stop me just in front of the couch.

"You could say that" Harry states with an absent tone, running his eyes down my torso to follow his hands when his moves them to grab the hem of my dress and starts to pull it up over my body.

I can't say I'm trying to fight his mood, I haven't felt close to him in days and I'm relishing the chance just to have him back from the place he locked himself away in.

I lift my arms to assist him pulling the loose fabric over my head, tugging it off my arms and tossing it in the same fashion he did with his shirt.

"Who would've thought..." he says, giving my figure a once over before looking to my face with a crooked smile and trailing his fingertips down my stomach.

"That shy little mouse I took into that bathroom stall, would be going around cracking people into the mouth these days"

"Guess you bring it out in me - I could've killed David for what he did to you" I say, sucking in a breath when his fingers trail down to ghost in between my legs in a teasing motion before he flattens his palms on my hips; digging his fingers into my skin and pulling me closer to him.

I keep wondering what the me from 6 months ago would think if she met me now - to be honest, she'd probably think I've lost my mind.

Maybe I have.

But I don't want it back.

"Mmmmm'not sure if that's a good or bad thing. What happened to you not enjoying hurting people?" he hums, leaning forward to brush his lips over mine and starts to ghost them over my cheek in between faint kisses towards my jaw.

"I don't enjoy it - but it's just how I feel about someone hurting you; I just see red and besides I think it's a good thing, it's only bad if you piss me off, cause now I can actually kick your ass" I bite down on my lip, trying to both stifle a smile and as a reaction to the feeling of his warm lips trailing their way down my neck.

Harry chuckles against my neck, his warm breath puffing out against my skin as he slides his palms around to take gluttonous handfuls of my behind, groping and squeezing it as he mumbles in between kisses along my collar bone.

"I'd love to see you try darling" he teases, sounding thoroughly amused by the idea.

I don't know what posseses me to blurt out what I do next, but feeling him so close and how contradicting his tender but mischievous touches are, that cheeky tone of his that I hadn't heard in days I couldn't help it.

"I missed you" I sigh, closing my eyes when his mouth latches to the spot where my throat meet my shoulder and wrap my around around his neck.

"Missed me?" he questions in a murmur, still sounding distracted while he continues his assault around to the other side of my arms neck.

He's taking his time, and while I know his usual commanding presence is there; he has a softness to him at the moment as well.

It's getting harder to think with his mouth on me, his large hands smoothing up only to dip his fingertips inside the hem of my underwear and grasp my bare behind underneath again; pressing his hips forward as he holds me firmer against him.

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