Kabanata 37

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Kabanata 37

I was in a white room. The white ceiling welcomed my lazy eyes. My head was heavy that it was hard for me to tilt in on the other side of the room. My lower body was covered with white sheet and I felt a little pain on my wrist. I lifted my hand and saw extension tubing that was dangling through the cannula that was stabbed on my wrist. My eyes widened and I frantically rose as I remembered what happened.


Despite my state right now, I looked at my side and saw my parents who were asleep on the bench a few meters away from my bed. They looked exhausted though. My hand immediately went to my stomach. Was my baby safe? How did I come here? Who brought me here?

"N-Nay... Tay..." I called even my mouth was dry.

My Father seemed to be attentive that in my low voice, he opened his eyes. His eyes widened as he lightly patted my Mother who was sleeping beside him.

"Kumusta ang aking anak, Tay?"

"Anak, kumalma ka muna..."

My pessimistic presage skyrocketed as he wheeled to my part. Though, the words of my father did not calm me. I want to know if my baby was safe or not, I don't want any ado, I just want to know the answer of my question! I don't know but instead of being strong because I wanted to know if the safety of my child has been provided but all I can sense to my body was being weakened.

If I had only the ability to read what they were thinking, I would have done that the moment I opened my eyes. The only thing that I remember was when I cratered on the ground and felt the stabbing pain on my stomach and the rest was a mystery to me.

"Tay sabihin niyong okay lang ang anak ko! Please!" I begged for them to say that my child was alright.

"Ligtas ang baby, anak," Nanay soothed whilst reaching my hand.

Something within me has been removed. I belched as I caressed my stomach where I think the baby was. I still don't know how I've been here. Who took me and my child to deliverance? I hadn't seen any breathing creatures in the vicinity of the beach where I lost conscious. Was it tatay who saved me? Or someone else?

"Sino po ang nagdala sa akin dito?" I asked.

But before my Father could utter a word, he came to a halt because of the person barged in on the room with basket of fruits on hand. I glanced at Ronan who was now ambling on my part. The glint of concern on his eyes was palpable. He put the basket of fruits on the bedside table as he parsed my face as though he was searching for any damage on my face.

"How are you feeling?" he asked.

"I am okay,"

"Mabuti nalang at pinasundan ka ng tatay mo sa akin. I decided to go to your house that time and when your father told that you were out, I have decided to follow you." he informed.

So... it's Ronan.

Gosh, Hera, who did you expect? Antoine? That will never happen for sure. I was certain that he was now enjoying the pleasure on bed with other woman, uttering curses made of carnal desires and moans of pure satisfaction of his dick, I wanted to repel his image, sliding his maleness on the other girls but I couldn't completely make. I was just wondering if Camisone had told Antoine that I went to their mansion. However, I know that he will never come back. Wala naman na siyang babalikan pa.

After that day, I was discharged but the Doctor warmed me that I should be more careful because the condition of my child wasn't good. My pregnancy was vulnerable so I need vitamins and whatnot. Due to my expenses of vitamins and other things for my pregnancy, I used the money that I saved and Father doubled his effort to work. I took a leave on the hotel and thankfully, they let me.

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