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"Tic Toc! Tic Toc!", he sang a bit too happily, "Time's up young lady. It's time to take things unto my hands. Let the fun begin."

Seventeen year old Caroline was someone who people looked up to and envied of in every aspect, until one day. In the seventeen years of her life, she never once imagined that few weeks after her seventeenth birthday, things would go downhill. Everything went by good until before the day of ceremony, the day all the werewolves longed for, the day they discovered their other halves. Caroline was no exception either when it came to the longing for it, only it witnessed the very first of her misfortunes, paving way for many more that followed by.

One such misfortune forces her to fight death. It doesn't get any better when a forgotten past comes haunting. It held too many secrets, secrets that were beyond imaginations. When the responsibility of unveiling them is imposed upon her, she accepts it with the intention of avenging her family in the process.

Will she be able to revenge those who wronged her? Will she be able to stand up even after the secrets that were likely to knock her out?

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