Part three

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Her final graduation day.
They were all suppose to gather in mess for their last party in kma

Her friends were wondering where she vanished.....

And she was away from all of them sitting against the wishing pillar in his arms in point 1857.

With her eyes close feeling cold wind on her face but warmth of his arms around her back.

She was feeling sleepy and exhausted after a tiering day...
And was snuggling inside his jacket for more comfort.

While he was adoring her face patting her hairs and touching her cute nose.

Naina - rajveer sir..
She called him

Rajveer - hummm

Naina - agar meri posting bohot door ho gayi to?
She put forward her worry

Rajveer - tum jaha bhi rahogi main waha tumse Milne a jaunga...

He said with calm voice.

Naina - aur agar apko chutti nahi mili to?

She Asked her next doubt

Rajveer - to tum mujhe Milne a jana

He clutch her tight and she breathe in his perfume to feel him more

She kissed his jawline and chin...
And he kissed her cheeks and jawline not descending further.


Meeting after six month they kept warming their eyes during the army ball....
Looking at Eachother with happiness and excitement of meeting after such a long time

They danced and he was carefully really close..... Just above her hip line his hands were roaming freely.
Their eyes dancing with joy and a blushing smile
How hard it was to resist the urge of hugging Eachother immediately

Waiting for  the moment to take a flight from there.

He kept checking her out
Her over exposed saree was making his knees go weak.

Even she noticed his desperate eyes wandering over her and got sweetly nervous thinking about the moment when they they will be alone

As they drove off from the venu

Naina - hum kahan jaa rahe hain.

She Asked him

Rajveer - mere ek dost ka flat hai yaha
Waha pe....

They will be spending weekend together

And she is feeling butterfly flying in her stomach thinking about spending a night with him.

And pooja 's words when she had told her about this plan

Pooja - lagta hai sharukh tujhe advance training dena chahta hai

Naina - kya matlab

Pooja - offooo naina
Tuna bilkul dhakkan hai
Sir ne weekend ka plan banaya hai...
Obviously Wo waha tujhe ludo khelne to bula nahi rahe hain.
Marchpass ke liye prepare hoke jana
Kuch sexy sa pehenna

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