Summer Vacations

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It's the vacation, and I already feel bored..

Thats when Mom came to me and said "Hey, your couzins are here... They are at your granny's"

I am amazed!!
It was the perfect time to hear the perfect news. I am happy.

Now i am in a hurry to pack my things and 'shoo' fly to granny's...

My couzins, they all shifted to different places, far away from mine

So summer vacations was the only time, when I could meet them.

The day was great, I enjoyed it very much, as its been a year since I last saw them

*Playing soccer

                “Oh, this tiredness”, I gasped.
Its been only half an hour, since we started the game, but still I was tired..

I can't play anymore, I got out of the game and sat in the shade..

"Maybe, it was because of the summer heat" I thought.

               It was blazing..

*Phone rings*
   My mind wished it was her.
No, it's not. It was that stupid customer service..

I am starting to miss you already”

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