Cheerleading Competition

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Just as I was about to walk past him, he spun me back around and grabbed my waist tightly. "Get off me freak" I say coolly as I tried shoving him but he just pulled me closer. "No not until I give you a good luck kiss" Logan says smiling as he leans in towards me but I spit in his eye. "In your dreams loser" I say sarcastically as I tried squirming from him until he dipped me to the floor. "I can make my dream come true now" Logan says smugly as he wrapped my leg around his waist and kissed me passionately. "I hate you so much pig ugh" I say angrily as I shoved him off me and slapped him in his stupid face. "Alright up next we have Palm Woods University Elite" I hear the announcer say enthusiastically.

"There's your cue darlin good luck" Logan says winking as he squeezed my ass then ran over to the guys while I glared after him and walked to my spot. "Alright guys this is now or never let's just go out there and do our best" I say to my team as we all did our group chant then got into position as our music started playing. Once we were done performing our routine, we all headed backstage where all the other squads were and waited for the judges decision. "I want to thank you all for coming out today let's give a hand for all our squads you all did an amazing job" the host says as she and the crowd claps for everyone.

"I have the judges decisions right here so let's get down to it" the host says she opens up the envelope. The girls and I all held hands while we nervously listened as the host announced the third and second place winners. "And in first place overall our winners are.... Palm Woods University Elite come on up here ladies" the host says enthusiastically as she smiles at us. "Yes oh my god we did it!" Camille says as we started jumping up and down. "Let's go guys!" I say happily as we all ran up on the stage and the host handed me our trophy along with medals for all of us. After everyone congratulated us, people started heading out of the arena including the rest of the girls leaving Lucy and I alone with the guys.

"Congratulations ladies you did it" Kendall says winking as he hugs Lucy and I so does Carlos. "Yeah well our team does have the greatest captain ever" Lucy says giggling as she squeezes my shoulder. "Hey this was a team effort not just me but thanks Lucy" I say smiling small as I reluctantly gave her a hug. "Anytime woah I think someone else is excited to" Lucy says as she puts her hand on her stomach. "Is the baby kicking" Logan asks as he walks over to her. "Yeah come here, it's been doing it for a while I forgot you hadn't felt it yet" Lucy says softly as she puts Logan's hand over hers so he can feel their baby. "Wow our son or daughter is one strong kicker" Logan says as he gets a big grin on his face.

I felt my stomach tie into a knot as I watched them have their moment and I started walking away from them until James grabbed my arm. "Hey trust me that upsets me to but don't let them get to you ok" James says quietly as he rubs my back. "Kind of hard not to James it was hard enough knowing they're having a baby together and now they had sex again to just thinking about it makes me sick" I say as I rolled my eyes and sniffled. "I know how you feel because it hurts me to but let's not focus on that right now ok let's go celebrate your win" James says enthusiastically as he kisses my cheek.

"Your right, thanks for trying to cheer me up James your the best" I say softly as I hugged him tightly and cried into his chest a little. James just stayed quiet as he hugged me and rubbed my back to calm me down. "Your welcome I'm always here for you no matter what you know that" James says sweetly as he lifted my chin and wiped my tears from my face. "Hey guys we're gonna go celebrate the girl's win at a club downtown you guys in" Kendall asks as he, Logan, Lucy, and Carlos walk over to us. "Sure especially cuz I could use a strong drink right about now" James says coolly as he glared at Logan darkly. "Then let's go upstairs and change, can I possibly have another piggy back ride" Lucy asks as she bats her eyelashes at James.

"Sure hop on" James says rolling his eyes playfully as he stands in front of Lucy. Lucy just giggled as she jumped on his back and he and the other boys left leaving me alone once again with Logan. "Hey babe are you ok" Logan asks concerned as he looks at my puffy eyes. "Just peachy, don't call me that and get away from me jerk" I say fiercely as I went to walk by him but the idiot grabbed my arm. "No not until you tell me why your so upset" Logan says as he grabs my waist tightly. "Gee I don't know maybe because my fiancé is a lying cheating scumbag so just leave me alone" I say pissed off as I walked to the elevator with the asshole following me once again.

"You were upset watching me feel the baby kick weren't you" Logan asks as he gets on the elevator behind me. "Yeah but not for the reason you think" I say sniffling as I leaned against the wall of the elevator crossing my arms. "Then why did it make you upset" Logan asks as he stands in front of me. "Because Logan it's bad enough to know that you guys had sex once before but now you've done it twice..." I go to say until Logan cuts me off. "Actually it wasn't just twice...." Logan says apprehensively as he rubs the back of his neck. "What the hell does that mean" I ask as I scowled at him as the elevator got to our floor.

"Come with me to my room and Lucy and I will explain" Logan says as we got off the elevator and he grabbed my hand. "And give you guys a chance to lie to my face again fat chance and don't touch me" I say angrily as I snatched my hand from him. "I won't lie I swear babe we will be completely honest like we should've been from the beginning please just come hear us out" Logan pleaded as he held my waist. "Fine whatever let's just get this over with" I say sighing as I shoved past him and walked to his room bracing myself for what I was about to hear.

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