Chapter 15

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Rex's POV


I groaned at the sexy voice and covered my face with my arms. It was to early to get up, even if I didn't know what time it was. I felt something snake its way around my waist which made me jump. When I turned around Sokka was laughing at me.

"It's n-not funny!" I shouted.

"Sorry love," He said as he bit at his snake bites.

Before I could say anything else my memory of last night came back to me and I felt my eyes go wide. Sokka had proposed to me! He was my fiance now! I WAS MARRYING THE LOVE OF MY LIFE! Sokka looked at me with a worried expression, but I only jumped on him and hugged him.


He chuckled, "Love you to fiance."

I blushed lightly and sat myself on his lap with a smile. One of his hands found mine and entangled our fingers together, succeeding on making me blush more. I leaned my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes.

"Am I your pillow now or something?"

"Maybe," I mumbled.

"You know ignoring our daughter isn't a good thing babe."

I looked up at Sokka with a confused look, but he just seemed amused. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to have kids to share with him, but I didn't get how we already did. Unless of course he meant Elysabeth....oh...

"So now she's OUR daughter?" I said with a smirk.

"Nah, she's yours. I'd never take credit for her."

I gasped and hit Sokka on the chest, which seemed to hurt me more then it hurt him. When I cradled my hand I heard his laughter and shot him my pouty face. He sighed, but leaned down and kissed my hand lightly.

"I'm sorry I'm a jerk," He said.

"Yes you are!"

Suddenly my back was on the couch and Sokka was hovering over me with his classic smirk on his lips. Before I could ask what he was doing I let out a small moan as I felt his lips on my neck. As he bit softly down to my collarbone I couldn't help but feel turned on.

"You sure about that?" He whispered against my skin.


He chuckled as he got off of me and sat on the floor next to me. I groaned and gave him my pouty look, but he just shook his head and stared at me with a smile. He's done this to me way to many times for my liking, why wouldn't he just sleep with me already?

"That's what you get for calling me a jerk," His grin not stopping as he spoke.

I only sighed and curled up into a ball facing away from him. I guess he didn't want me...but I wanted him, bad. Tears were running down my face before I realized it and I quickly started to wipe them away. But I was stopped as someone grabbed my hands and pulled me to their chest.

"Babe what's wrong?"

"Y-You don't w-want m-me," I cried.

"Love, you have idea how much I've been wanting to jump you."

"T-Then w-why-"

"Your special to me babe...I'm waiting until the times right. Don't think I don't love you just because I won't sleep with you."




"I said otay."

I looked up at Sokka to see if he was serious. There wasn't a smirk playing on his lips and his eyes didn't hold humor in them. He seriously just said otay? I know anywhore was pretty weird but what the heck was otay?

"It's from The Little Rascals, you should watch it with me sometime." He whispered in my ear.

I shivered as his breath hit my neck but nodded at him. He chuckled lightly and kissed my lips before resting his chin on top of my head. We kept our arms around eachother and sat silently, but nothing about it was awkward.

I loved it when he showed affection to me, but I would like it even better if he did in public. Not that he didn't we just didn't really hang out around anyone but Elysabeth lately. I sighed and trailed kisses down his neck. His fault for putting it in front of my face...


WARNING: sexual content!! Go down to SAFE if you don't wanna read this part!!  -Lie:3

I ignored him and started to softly bite at his skin. When I heard him moan I smirked knowing I found his soft spot. I bit a little harder and Sokka moaned louder then before. Now this is something I could enjoy doing!

"Babe...stop....I can't always stay in control..."

"Then don't be."

My hands went to his pants and unbuckled his belt. If he really wants me, then he'll gladly give in to me for once. Sokka opened his mouth to speak but I only crashed my lips to his and tangled one of my hands into his soft black hair.

He kissed me back hungrily and pulled me onto him so we were laying down. I smiled against his lips as I unbuttoned his jeans and did a victory dance in my head. Before I could undo his zipper his hands went up my shirt and felt my chest.

This time I was the one to moan, and I felt him smiling as he put his tongue in my mouth. Now I was just focusing on the kiss as I tried to gain dominance. But Sokka moved his lips away from mine to pull my shirt off, which made me blush as he looked at my shirtless form.

"Sexy as always," He said before crashing his mouth back on mine.

I could feel my blush deepen as I kissed him back, apparently now Sokka was in charge. He flipped us over without breaking the kiss and slightly grinded on me making me moan softly. This was a whole other side to Sokka, and I was loving every second of it.

His hands moved to my waist as he started to lick down my chest. Now I couldn't stop moaning, every time his tongue touched me I felt like I was in heaven all over again. Sokka knew what he was doing, which made my hard on grow.

When he started to undo my jeans he chuckled lightly as he stroked me through the material. I moaned even louder and had to bite my lip to keep from telling him to fuck me already. Before I knew it my pants were across the room and Sokka was teasing me more then ever.

He had moved up slightly and took one of my nipples in his mouth making my hard on ten times worse. As he bit lightly he rolled my other one between his fingers. I drew in a sharp breath as his tongue moved across the hard bead.

"I swear to god If you don't start fucking me..."

He chuckled once more, but suddenly froze above me. When I looked at him he was frowning and looked to be deep in thought. Before I knew what he was doing he jumped off of the bed and stared at the ground.

SAFE! -Lie:3

"I'm sorry....didn't mean to lose my control...." He said barely above a whisper.

"Don't apologize, I was enjoying myself..."

His eyes shot to mine, "Babe we can't yet, It needs to be special...not just in your apartment."


He smiled at my use of the word, but soon after his eyes went to my chest. Lust started to cloud them, but he shook his head and quickly buttoned his pants trying to hide the tent that had formed. I smiled but quickly shuffled off my bed and grabbed my shirt.

"Let's go see Elysabeth!" I shouted.

His smile returned, "Anything for you babe."


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