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Beep beep beep
I woke up and saw Gelo sleeping on my stomach, he looked so peaceful and sweet. I suddenly remembered what happened last night and began to shake thinking about what could've happened if Gelo wasn't there to stop him.
Gelo began to shuffle and eventually woke up and kissed my head, "Good morning beautiful" he said while snuggling into my neck. "Morning" I said wrapping my arms around him, he picked up on my weird behaviour and asked " what's wrong baby?" I shrugged it off and got up to make breakfast.
Gelo soon followed behind me and picked me up and placed me on the counter top, I giggled while asking him " what are you doing baby?" I felt his hands move up my thighs and pull my booty shorts down, " I'm taking your mind off whatever it is bothering you" he said while spreading my legs and lowering his head. Before I could say another word I felt his tongue against my core "fuck gelo" I said while stroking his hair with my hand. He looked so sexy often looking at me with those bright eyes, I could feel myself getting close and eventually released trying to move away because of how sensitive I was. " don't run from it baby girl" Gelo said while continuing to lick and suck on my core , I couldn't cope much longer and my back arched and my legs began to shake. I screamed his name calling him daddy every so often and luckily we were home alone.
He finally stopped and stood up handing me my shorts, I couldn't help but notice the bulge in him boxers and decided I wanted to return the favour. Before I could move closer to him a loud shout brought me back to reality, " Aye Gelo we're home, sad said get ready for training". Melo said while walking into the kitchen I jumped off the counter and walked around it so my lower half was cover and leaned on the counter as my legs were still not stable enough for me to stand n my own.
"Oh what's up Katie I didn't know you were here" Melo said while smiling towards me, I smiled and kept quiet knowing my voice was shaky from all the screaming I did 2 minutes ago. Gelo picked up on it and smirked "yeah we were just getting something to eat , that was the best breakfast I ever had" I glared at him not knowing how to respond but before I could melo asked " Oh for real what did you have" I watched Gelo glance at me and reply " it was a Katie special, it was sweet and juicy" he said with a straight face, I choked on my own breath and quickly responded " yeah I made a fruit salad, it wasn't that good haha" I said while trying to force a laugh.
"Oh well anyway Gelo dad said get ready" melo said walking out, I looked at Gelo and hit him lightly on his arm " WTF Gelo he could've caught on to you" he just shrugged and giggled before jogging upstairs and getting ready for practice. "Katie do you wanna watch me practice" he shouted from up stairs, I decided I did and used some of the clothes I left here.
I'm sorry it's short I've been on holiday the last few weeks and I have so much college work to do so this will have to do for now.

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