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A small group of riders move through the forest. The group consists of Èomer, Théoden, Gandalf, Legolas, Aragorn & Gimli. They look around warily as the low sounds of lumbering trees are heard around them. Coming to the end of the forest, Isenguard comes into view & hobbit laughter is heard.

“It’s good. Definitely from the Shire.”

“Long bottom leaf eh?”

“I feel like I’m back at the Green Dragon…”

“Hmm…Green Dragon…”

“A mug of ale in my hand, putting my feet up on a settee after a hard day’s work.”

“Only you’ve never done a hard day’s work.”

The riders approach to see Merry & Pippin sitting on top of Isenguard’s storeroom, feasting. The hobbits see them & Merry scrambles to his feet.

“Welcome my Lords…to Isenguard!”

Aragorn grins at the hobbit. Legolas looks amused. Gandalf is shaking his head. Gimli reprimands the two hobbits:

“You young rascals! A merry chase you have led us on & now we find you feasting &…& smoking!”

Slightly drunk Pippin replies indignantly:

“We are sitting on a field of victory, enjoying a few well-earned comforts. The salted pork is particularly good.”

Gimli ears perk up with a smile:

“Salted pork?”


Gandalf says impatiently.

“We’re under orders from Treebeard who had taken over management of Isenguard.”

Merry told Gandalf. Gandalf nodded & the hobbits were hoisted up onto the horses. They then made their way to Isenguard.

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