Trip with the Chingus (Part 5)

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(BET YOU GUYS WEREN'T EXPECTING ANOTHER CHAPTER... LOL... I JUST FINISHED MY 8 PAGED PAPER AND SO I HAVE PLENTY OF TIME BEFORE I GO TO BED. ITS CURRENTLY 10:30 pm from where I live. Sooo i might finished the trip with the chingus chapter tonight.... Anyways thank you for 40 followers lol and 20k reads!!!🎉)

In the car~
" i put it on now.....?" Irene asked while looking at the blindfold.
"Just put it on Irene!" Seulgi replied.
"You better not bring me to an abandoned building and murder me!!!"
"W-what?!?! Why would I do that!!!!"
"Whatever you say!"

In a couple minutes, they've arrived at the beach. Seulgi pulled over and asked Irene to stay in the car and wait for her to open the door. Wendy and Moonbyul came running to Seulgi saying that everything has been set up. Seulgi thanked them and the two went running to the others. We opened the door and held Irene's hand.

"Are we at the beach?"
"Yea the restaurant is right next to it!"
"So can I take the blindfold off?"
"Nope just wait a sec."

<To get the Seulrene feels I suggest you guys listen to "Its You" by Henry...>

Irene was holding Seulgi's hand really tight. She was questioning why does she need to be blindfolded when they're just having dinner with friends. Moments later they're standing in front of the table. Seulgi helped Irene to be seated and slowly took off the blindfold. Irene was surprised to see how the table their sitting on is set up and how there are lights hanging. It felt like the world is going in slow motion

"What's this?"
"We're having a date!"
"You've probably forgotten but today's the same day when we had our first date back when we here in high school ... you know before you left!"

Irene was speechless.

"But don't be upset! Just imagine we went back in time and now is the time finish what we started by ending our first date the right way! Plus its your birthday!" Seulgi smiled.

Irene placed her hand on Seulgi's check and smiled. She slowly stood up and kissed Seulgi.

"Bear... I love you! And I don't know what I'd do without you!" said Irene who was looking at the waves.

Seulgi wasn't saying anything but she was staring at her girlfriend who was looking effortlessly beautiful. Irene noticed that Seulgi was just staring at her and said "Take a picture! It lasts longer" she smiled. Seulgi took out her phone and snapped a pic.


Seulgi smiled at Irene and said "Ready to eat?", Irene didn't say anything but nodded

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Seulgi smiled at Irene and said "Ready to eat?", Irene didn't say anything but nodded.

"May I take you order?" the waitress asked.

Irene slowly looked up and said "YERI!!!!!????"

"Unnie i'm here to take your order!" said Yeri.
"Come sit with us!" said Irene.
"I already ate!"
"Ummmm okay"

Seconds later a very tall waitress came over to the table.

"JOY!!!!!" said Irene.

"Here are your appetizers!"

"Here are your main dishes!"
"Solar!! Moonbyul!!"
"The chefs would like to bring your dessert!" said Solar.

Wheein and Hwasa came to the table hold a big bowl of bingsu.


Seulgi can't help but laugh at how silly her friends look.

Irene looked at Seulgi who was laughing and shook her head.


They all came to the table and sat down.

"I know this is my date with Seulgi but it is also my birthday so I want to spend it with all you guys!"

Irene placed a slice of meat on everyone's place and told them to eat. Everyone all ate their dinner and after eating Yeri and Joy left for a couple of minutes and came back walking to the table with a lit up cake and everyone started sing happy birthday to Irene.

Irene was touched to see how everyone all made an effort to prepare this surprised date/birthday celebration.

"You know, today's the first time in a long time that i've celebrated my birthday with friends! Ever since I left Korea to went here at the States, I was pretty much all by myself on my birthday because my parents were busy with work. SO THANK YOU GUYS! YOU GUYS ARE MY SECOND FAMILY!"

Solar started to play some music and everyone all started dancing.

Seulgi was just sitting, watching her Bae dancing and noticed that there was a lady standing alone from a far distance. She walked over to lady knowing who she was.

To be continued...

To be continued

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