The Game Begin's...

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You walked over to the ORC club room, your ax resting on it's handle on your back. Your cloak up and covering your head. You opened up the door to see everyone standing around, even Grafia.

Grafia "You know, you're quiet lucky to be allowed to participate in this as your not a member of the house of Gremory."

Yeah Yeah whatever, is it time yet?

A red circle opened up in the middle of the room, giving the whole room a reddish glow. 

Grafia "Rias, it's time."

Rias stood up from her chair and looked at everyone.

Rias "Let's go."

They all walked into the circle and you joined them, waiting as each one was teleported to the battle arena. When it was your turn, you felt the purple glow go over you and teleport you. Issei and Asia were confused, but you could feel the difference in the area. 

Issei "Huh? We're still here."

Asia "I think our magic circle is broken."

Take a look outside.

Issei Stepped away from the group and went over to the window and saw a scene similar to the northern lights outside. 

Issei "Holy shit!"

You walked next to him, looking outside.

This place is an alternate version of the school grounds that is created to exist in a separate universe. 

Asia "That means what exactly?"

You turned around and looked at the blonde behind you.

It means that we can damage this place as much as we want with no restraints. 

You walked over to the couch and took a seat, everybody else following suit. Hati appeared next to you and snuggled up next to you. Everyone was getting ready until a voice began speaking around you all. 

"Attention please, my name is Grafia and I am a servant to the house of Gremory. I will be your referee for today's match."

Yeah, seems reasonable enough that someone trusted would be the ref.

Grafia "In order to create the arena you will be fighting in, I took suggestions from both lady Rias and Rizer. You may recognize this as it is an expect replica of kouh academy."

No shit Sherlock.

Grafia "Each team is given an area which will serve as it's base. Lady Rias, your team will be stationed in the occult research clubhouse in the old school building. Lord Rizer's base will be in the principles office on the new building. Enemy pawns will be promoted if they can reach the enemy's base. Good luck to all."

Issei pounded his fist together and with an overconfident look in his face. 

Issei "I'm going to fight my way to their home base right out of the gate, get promoted to something awesome and beat the crap out of lord douche-nosel."

Sounds good.

He looked at you as you stood up from the couch and walked over to the window. 

If you want to be completely obliterated. 

You opened up the window and looked at rias.

I'll be doing my own thing, but if you need me, call for me. 

She floated a small ball of energy over to you and you grabbed it. 

Rias "Use this so we can call on you should we need to."

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