Calm The Fire: 141

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Mirkwood seemed little changed since the last time Náriel had been present. Well, it wasn't as populated, mainly because the majority of the soldiers and guards were still near Erebor and helping out with Dale. Though there were some back here. It came as little less than a surprise to spot a familiar face.

"Fancy seeing you here, what were the chances?" Náriel commented sarcastically while rolling her eyes.

"Yes, what were the chances?" Legolas commented back simply.

"What bought you back here?" Náriel asked curiously.

"Someone has to keep watch while father is away." Legolas said while looking over his shoulder. He had travelled back a few days earlier with a group of soldiers who were healed enough to return home. Needless to say those relatives were more than happy to see their loved ones. It was quite a touching reunion in some places. Though naturally where there was happiness there was also sadness. Legolas had had the personal task of telling those whose loved ones wouldn't return.

"Anything?" Náriel questioned while gesturing to the sudden corridor which opened up in front of her. Aranhi still stood close by, though she honestly thought he'd leave her be as soon as he saw she was with her cousin. Clearly not. Clearly he had been given orders to stay with her at all costs. Like she was going to do a runner or something. She had something to get back to. Something and someone.

"Sightings of Orcs have lessened. Either they are now dead, lost and dying, or have retreated to a safe place which we do not know of." Legolas answered simply.

Náriel gave a nod. "Are you still hunting for them?"

"For the time being? No." Legolas sighed heavily and closed his eyes only to open them and smile at her. "I do believe we have other matters to discuss."

Náriel gave a short quick nod. "You're attending I take it?"

"I am not missing your wedding day, Náriel." Legolas said awkwardly. He still wasn't wholly acceptant of her and Thorin being together. But he couldn't voice anything. If he did he'd just be ignored. And plus, if Thranduil seemed quite fine with it, what basis did he have to comment?

She raised an eyebrow at him. She wasn't an idiot. She knew of his feelings. "That reassures me. I half dreaded uncle keeping you here to keep watch some more." Náriel smiled and crossed her arms. "Say, maybe you can help me?"

Legolas looked sceptical over this. "Depends with what."

"Well for one thing I am aware not everyone can attend. So please, will you accompany me to those who cannot come?" Náriel asked politely. "It also gives us time to spend together." She commented quietly. Which was true. Between everything that had happened they had seen less and less of each other.

"Who cannot come?"

Náriel frowned at this. "I am not wholly sure. Just, uncle alerted me to it."

"Be practical on the matter then." Legolas said while they walked down one of the light stone staircases. Náriel looked at him curiously. Practical summed up Legolas a little too well, she wasn't surprised this was the outlook he had on the matter. "Close friends, family, and anyone with special privileges."

Náriel twiddled her fingers. "That is very few people." She commented with a sigh.

Legolas frowned and shook his head. "You are not, and I don't mean offence, Náriel. But you are not one for fancy, and fuss. You know you're not." Náriel looked up at him with wide eyes. She slowly smiled. "Surely, the fewer attending means the more peaceful and simple it'll be?"

"Peaceful?!" She laughed. "I've left family and friends in charge of organising Erebor's end. Family and friends who are Dwarf kind. Ever known them to be 'peaceful and simple'?"

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