One month earlier

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Tiberius Blackthorn walked down various hallways in the Scholomance. He had two bags slung over his shoulders, his Centurion uniform and badge tucked away. He was wearing a simple grey sweater and a black pair of jeans. His headphones were slung around his neck and twin daggers which he'd gotten from Tessa and Jem on his weapon belt. Ty rounded the corner to the foyer and saw Julian waiting for him next to a portal. Julian looked over and smiled.

"I missed you Ty," Jules informed him as her ruffled. Ty's hair. "By the angel you've gotten tall though."

Ty smiled back at Julian and gave him a quick hug. "It has been a while. Are the others on the other side?" He asked and indicated towards the portal.

"Of course they are, we're all ecstatic to have you back," Jules replied.

Ty just nodded in response and stepped through the portal, Julian coming through just after him. Ty's luggage fell from his shoulders as someone crashed into him.

"Ty!" yelled a very feminine voice that sounded like Dru.

Ty returned her embrace after only a second of hesitation.

"Hey Dru," he said, his voice slightly muffled due to the fact that he had hair in his face.

She let go and Ty's heart skipped a beat; se looked so much like Livvy. He didn't get anymore time to ponder on that though since a shorter, yet equally enthusiastic active person ran into him, also squealing his name. He laughed for the first time in a few months at Tavvy's enthusiasm to say hello.

"Ty," he heard someone else say happily. He liked up to see Emma, Mark, Cristina, Helen and Aline.

"Hey everyone," he said, a strand of hair falling into his face, he glared at it slightly annoyed but let it be. He really needed a haircut.

"Breakfast is ready if you want to eat, its pancakes," Emma told him. His smile got bigger if that was even possible.

"Ive missed Jules' pancakes," he replied and made his way to the kitchen,. He sat down in his usual seat he used to take before he went to the Scholomance and piled a few pancakes onto his plate. Everyone else joined him at the table and they all ate. Ty hummed with happiness and he finally felt at home again.


Amazing family reunion right there. Update coming soon. Possibly today, you never know.

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