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We traveled back to headquarters still hand in hand. I felt like centuries ago when we first came here. It was so weird seeing all these people after being alone for almost our entire lives. 

"I must admit, Zero and Five, in all this time that I've been here, I've never met anyone like you two," The Handler spoke as we walked down the pathway towards the entrance of the building. 

"Hello, Handler," A man spoke as we walked past him.

"Hazel and Cha-cha, for example, are talented, certainly, but...they can't see the big picture," She kept talking. "Your spunk, Zero. Your enterprising spirit, Five. Well, it reminds me of a great deal of myself, if...I may be so vainglorious." 

Five and I kept a serious expression we were here on official business. She turned towards me since I was closest to her and gave me a grim smile. 

"If things work out for you two here, you two could potentially make a fine successor," She continued. 

"We'd like to discuss the logistics of our family's safety at your earliest convenience," Five asked in a very professional matter which caused me to slightly smile at him. He knew I like hearing him talk like that. It made him seem important, mature, and confident. Of course, he is already all those things and more but hearing him talk like that just drives me crazy. We walked up to the stairs at the familiar headquarters making our way to probably her office. 

"As well as this body replacement," I added making sure she hadn't forgotten the other part of her deal. 

"Such chutzpah. It's refreshing, I'll admit. Slow down, guys. All in good time. In fact, now that you two have finally agreed to work with us, we've got all the time in the world," She responded as we kept walking to around the building. 

"The Commission works in support of a delicate balance between the timeline of want and mankind's free will," She began to explain as we walked in other room. I looked over to my left and saw the room of briefcases and gas masks that we used to use back when we were hitmen. "The briefcase is no longer part of your kit, Zero. Free your mind," The Handler said to me as she noticed me looking into the room. "You two are management now. One of us." 

We kept walking until we are lead into a hallway.

"All the people on this floor are case managers, each one responsible for one major event at a time," She continued to explain as she stopped us in front of a long room full on people on desk typing away. 

"So many of them," Five said taking in the picture. It looked like as if the room was never-ending. 

"Impressive, isn't it? Being part of something...so grand." She answered pleased. "Come along," She said as she walked away leading us into another room. Five kept watching the room before I tugged on his arm. 

"Whenever someone chooses the wrong path and the timeline is changed, the Commission gets a report from field agents on the ground. These field reports are sorted and assigned to a case manager. They determine if anyone needs to be...removed from the equation to assure that their event happens as it should," She continued now leading us into The Tube room. There was an old lady who looked like she was in deep concentration. I looked around and figured that this was self-explanatory. This is how the Commission was able to deliver us messages when we were out on the field. "Based on that determination, the case manager sends instructions via pneumatic tube to temporal assassins like you two formerly were. Any queries so far?" She asked both of us as she leaned up against the door with a smile on her face. 

"Yeah, who was the case manager handling us?" Five asked now suddenly intrigued to find the person behind Hazel and Cha-cha. With a slight smirked I turned my attention back to her. 

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