Dark Red Candy

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this is something i had to write for my English class i don't think i got a good grade on it because it's supposed to be a scary story but it's more of a funny story.

Dark Red Candy

"Ah, I hate walking!" I yelled to myself.

School had just ended, and my mom was stuck in traffic, so I had to walk home. I hate walking. If it was up to me we would all be able to drive once we turned 10, but I'm not president so no one is going to listen to my opinions.

I stated think about the Twilight movies. "Man, Jacob sure is hot," I said to no one in particular, "the people who decide who's in the movie did a great job picking Taylor Lautner to play him."

I kept on thinking about Taylor Lautner, until I tripped and landed on my stomach. I stood up and looked down, and I saw a piece of candy. "Yummy!" I said to myself.

I picked it up, smelt it, and popped it straight into my mouth. The delicious chocolate melted on my tongue, and slid down my throat. Once it was all gone I started to feel light-headed. My body wasn't able to hold my weight and I fell and hit my head hard.

When I woke up I was in a bed. The beautiful silk sheets were a beautiful crimson red, almost the same color as-CREEK!

I turned and looked at where the noise had come from. There I saw a handsome man who looked like he was in his early twenties or late teens. He had brown shaggy hair, which gave him a wild look. It kind of made me want to pet him. He had a little stubble on his chin, which just added to the wild look. He like his lips, and had a weird face, kind of like he wanted to eat me.

"Well I see you've woken up Nicole," the man said.

I looked at him with a scared face. How did he know my name? That was the first time I had ever met him. "Umm... Hi?" I muttered slowly.

He smiled and said, "You look as delicious as ever."

BAM! "Jason I thought I told you to not talk to our guest," said a new voice.

I turned my head and saw a shadow. Where did he come from? Was he there the whole time? If he was, how did I not notice him.

Creek! Creek! Man, they need to fix those wooden floors. I turned my head and saw a man with blond hair. He looked beautiful. He had pale skin, shiny white hair, and... fangs? I must be seeing things. He had fangs. Fangs! Vampires aren't real, or are they? "I see you looking at my fangs, and yes they're real," the man said.

I screamed. There's no way vampires are real. Next they're probably going to say that werewolves are real. "Oh yeah I'm a werewolf," said the wild one.

Oh my goodness! I must be dreaming. I grabbed the closes thing to me, a fake spider, and threw it at my head. Wait, that wasn't a toy spider, toy spiders do no crawl. "AH! Get it off of me!' I screamed.

The two boys sighed. "Now you've done it, you let the spider bite you," the vampire said, "now its venom will slowly kill you in about two hours."

Wait, I'm going to die. I can't, I haven't even had a boyfriend. I can't die. "Oh man! I wanted to kill her myself," complained the werewolf.

I gave him a disgusted look. He wanted to kill me. Oh my gosh! This isn't a dream is it? I'm really going to die, no matter what. I'll either die from getting bitten by a spider, or I'll die from being attacked by a werewolf. Why me? Why do I have to die so young? "Oh, well we might as well get this over with," said the vampire, "by the way, I'm Cade, and that mutt over there is Jason."

Cade started to slowly creep over to me with a hungry look on his face. I scooted myself to the end of the bed until my head bumped into the wall. "Good bye life," I managed to mumble out before it happened. Cade pounced on me and bit my neck. A painful sensation rapidly came over me. "Goodbye cruel world,"

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