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Lisa PoV

I woke up feeling terrible. The phone call from Jennie last night was the only thing I can think about. How her voice sounded made me upset and the fact I made her upset, I really hurt her and it's all because of that stupid person who sent those pictures to YG.

Who can it be??  I started to think at possible people who couldn't have done this and there's only one person I can think of.

When I was having a convocation with Momo and Bambam, Momo interestingly said that her and her members were all at the dorm except for one person. That person name is Tyuzu.

Momo says she was out all night on Saturday, the day me and Jennie was on our first date.

The reasoning for me to think it's her because the thing between me and Tyuzu is that we slept with each other once and ever since that night she was all over me... I don't have feelings for her at all. When I met Jennie I stopped contact with her telling her she can't be like this with me anymore. Let's just say she didn't take that well.

She said she'll ruin whoever I decide to date and my career. She also says that I'm hers and she'll make me love her. It all adds up perfectly why it could be her. The timing are all correct.

I got out of my bed and got ready for work. Which now I hate doing.

When I was done getting ready I went to the kitchen to see Rose eating breakfast. She made me some to.

Lisa: thanks

I say while eating with her.

Rose: how are you feeling

I sigh

Lisa: I could be better but I just miss her

I give Rose a small smile.

Rose: I know Lisa hopefully you can make sense of everything. I miss you and Jennie together she really made you happy.

I smile just her name makes me happy but then brings me pain with all the pain I put her through.

Lisa: well I have a suspect on who sent those pictures to YG

Rose raises her eyebrow

Rose: who do you think manoban

Lisa: Tyuzu

Rose eyes widened

Rose: you think she's still crazy about you after all of the times you said your not really into to her.

I nod

Rose: how good can you be in bed if this girl isn't letting you go

I chuckle

Lisa: well I heard good reviews

Rose chocked on her food.

Rose: that's something I don't want to hear

Rose rolls her eyes while drinking her juice.

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