Part Two - 11 - Kala

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"Captain's log, entry 51, Allan Roy. The Capricieuse is flying. We did it. Now that I put my ass on the cockpit's chair of my own ship, I am never moving again. The view from here is just the best; you can see the whole universe as you fly. Stars, nebulas, entire galaxies, and the vastness of space. Aaaah, I will never get bored of it, I know it. I put a job offer out there for crew members. Already went through two mechanics. The first one tried to leave during the night with some parts of my flux generator. She got a bullet in the leg for her troubles. The second one literally put himself on fire. I don't know how he managed that, couldn't ask him afterward, he was too crispy to answer. For now, I have three other crew members. We will see how they handle the scavengers' life. We're on our way for our first job. I hope it won't be the last. Log entry over."

Kala opened her eyes and sighed loudly. She had been trying to sleep for three hours now, and finally decided to give up. Her mind just refused to let go of her worries long enough to allow her to rest. She slowly sat on her bed and turned on the light. Her gaze trailed over her cabin, which now looked more like a greenhouse than a bedroom. Plants were crammed in any corner of the place. Shiny leaves and lush flowers. It was a small paradise. Everyday Kala shared a little of her energy to feed the plants who would otherwise lack sunshine and nourishment in this environment. Trinkets coming from diverse planets and cultures were falling from the ceiling. She watched them slightly balance as the ship was traveling at lightspeed, engine purring.

She stood up. If sleep was eluding her, at least she would enjoy her time with a book and a cup of tea. She headed for the living area.

When she got there, she found Min-Hee seated at the wooden table, writing in a journal while cookies were in the oven. It wasn't a surprise; the cook rarely seemed to sleep either. She often haunted the main rooms of the ship, at any given hour of day and night. The Capricieuse crew followed a fixed timetable. One of the main rules of space-traveling was to always keep a structure for your biological clock, otherwise, you would just go crazy faster. It seemed that Min-Hee didn't get the memo. Or maybe losing her mind a little wasn't something she feared.

"Hello, Kala," she said, looking up from her journal. "Can't sleep?" The girl shook her head in negation. "Too much on your mind."

Kala sat down, "Yes. I wasn't careful enough with my abilities. And now the whole universe thinks the captain is a mutant. We're screwed because of me."

Min-Hee smiled, "To be fair, I think the captain would have ended up with a bounty one day, with or without your help. Also, I already had a price on my head myself, the rest of the world just happens not to know I'm on that ship yet. Don't overthink it."

Kala had forgotten that the Ushu woman was on the most wanted terrorists list. She put her chin on the table, letting out a long grumpy sigh. "I won't let them hurt any of you. If they come for us, I will burn them to the ground."

Min-Hee chuckled and said, "That's the spirit." She stood up as the oven was beeping, letting her know the baking was done. She came back with a hot cookie on a plate. "Here," she said. "For that, you deserve a cookie."

"For what? Putting you all in danger?"

"No, for always protecting us when we are backed into a corner," she pushed the plate toward her.

Kala accepted the cookie, feeling slightly better.

That's when suddenly, the alarm went off, and it wasn't the oven this time. Red alert, meaning something very bad was happening. Both of them stood up at once, the cookie disregarded on the table.

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