My two diferent lifes

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Chapter 1

"Nina! get your lazy bones up! You can't be late for school again." yelled my annoying mother from the kitchen.

Groaning, i stumbled to the bathroom attached to my bedroom. My bathroom was neon green with neon pink poka- dotes around the middle of the wall. I had my own bathroom and set-up. That was only because my parents got divorced before i could have brothers or sisters. I still got to see both parents but it just isn't the same when they live in two different houses. Splashing water on my face and putting on very little makeup, i started thinking about my dreadful day of torture. I did well in school but i was a loner. Every time i would get a friend i would always loose them to more popular people. I think the only reason they started being my friend in the first place was because they felt sorry.

Anyways i walked back into my Bright pink room and over to my closet. I looked through my boring clothes trying to decide what to wear. I ended up with a dark purple v-neck and dark skinny jeans. I had a slim figure but not disgustingly skinny. I had my dad's eyes that change color on what I'm feeling. Also had brown hair that went a little below my elbows. I walked down the hall and into the peach colored kitchen were my mom was cooking cinnamon rolls. My mom loved to cook and was great at it. She looked exactly like me but had green eyes.

"Hey mom," i said walking up to here kissing her on the cheek, " Hows it going?"

"Good except that you woke up late and have to be in school oh about 5 min. Oh and before you go, remember that i won't be here tonight because I'm going to Chicago for the weekend. "

"Oh crap! Ya i remember . Don't worry to much about me. Love you, got to go." I hugged her one last time and ran to get into my beat-up ford. I pulled up to my high school, Gator high. My school was your regular old school. Classrooms, desks, lockers, cheerleaders, jocks, nerds, and of course loners. Nobody looked when i got out. Everybody was to busy in their own little groups of look a likes.

School went by as usual. Boring and being ignored from everybody. I truly only looking forward to seeing dad. I see him every night when mom goes to bed or is out of town. She thinks that i never see him anymore and trys to be both mother and father. My parents used to get in fights all the time. she thought he was cheating because he was never home at night or in the middle of the day. He wasn't cheating at all, actually. He couln't help it that he was a king in Yorie. Ya, I said king and Yorie is another world. Its the most joyful place in all worlds. I happened to be the princess and went there every night. I would live there but i would feel really bad about leaving my mom home alone. She already lonely enough with just me there. My dad really loves her but he couldn't tell her about Yorie.

When I got home, I went straight to my room and threw down my school stuff. I ran to my transport mirror in the closet and knocked it twice. Tingles ran through my body and I was into my kingdom of Yorie. My beautiful homeland and dad here I am!

Sorry its not edited. I'll write soon if you like it.

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