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     "I THINK THIS was a bad idea. I should have had just one last hit to ease me into it. That's all I need." Klaus began to get up from his chair, ruining the sentimental feeling he had once created for sitting on that chair in the first place. "I'll be right back." Klaus said, but both Diego and Carl knew that not to be true– Diego made the first move, pushing him back slightly so he couldn't get out of the room.

It came to the point where Diego had punched Klaus in the stomach, stopping him for his pleading. Klaus stumbled over in pain, making it easier for Diego to drag him into the chair. "Sit your ass down." Diego commanded. Diego began tying Klaus again, before he could try something again.

"Diego. Are you sure this is the best idea? I mean you said it yourself, there are better ways for him to get sober than forcefully tying him into a chair." Carl said, worrying for the safety and mental health of Klaus.

"And you heard Klaus say it himself, Carl. This is the only way." Diego said. Klaus looked over to Carl with pleading eyes, and Carl had done everything he could to look away.

"Damn it, Diego! Damn it! Stop it! Get off! Get... off!" Klaus wrestled in his constraints, but Diego had only pulled harder. Diego wrapped his arm around Klaus's neck, causing him to move a little less. "Listen to me. Listen! I can conjure her for you. Patch! I can–"

Diego wrapped Klaus's shirt in his fists, "Don't use her name like that, okay? You can't conjure shit until your clean. And I don't wanna see her until I can tell her that I buried the bastards that killed her." Diego said angrily. Carl had felt helpless, fiddling with his hands and occasionally touching up on his hair did nothing to calm him down. Carl wanted to see Eudora, he wanted to see her so bad– to tell her that, he was sorry for not doing anything more.

"Please. Please, Diego. Please, Carl." Klaus pleaded. Carl looked away yet again, opening his phone for some distraction.

"This is for next time. Puke, per, whatever you need. Multipurpose. See?" Diego handed Klaus a blue bucket, effectively shutting down his bullshit.

"Diego, please come back! You prick!" He yelled. Carl still stood in the room, holding his phone in front of his face. He had effectively blocked out whatever was happening in the room when he read the text message sent by Amanda. Carl, you have to get here right now. There was an accident with the medication. Apparently a doctor was running late and in a rush, used the wrong syringe on your mom. She's having a seizure. As soon as you read this, please, come to the hospital!!

"Carl, please, get me out of here. Your my only hope. Don't leave me here please." Klaus begged, his voice softening a good measure. Carl shook his head, grabbing his things and getting out of the room as fast as he could, his mother was in danger and he had to get there as soon as possible.

"Sorry, Klaus. I can't. Goodbye." Carl spoke. The last thing he had heard was the shouts and pleads of Klaus. He ignored him though, because as bad as the situation seemed, it was only helping Klaus. At least, that's what Carl wanted to believe.

Carl sped to the hospital, passing the receptionist as he made his way to his mothers room. It was like time had frozen, causing this dramatic scene that Carl wanted no part of. Amanda stood outside the door of his mother's room. Her hands were stuffed in her pockets, she looked at her feet– causing a sense of worry to run up Carl's spine.

"Amanda?" Carl asked hesitantly, causing the girl to raise her head. The girl had tears pooling in her eyes, her moth hang open slightly as if she wore going to say something. But she didn't need to say anything at all. Carl knew.

"Amanda. Let me see her." Carl said, walking up to the room in a quick manner. But as he tugged onto the door handle, Amanda pushed him back.

"Carl, it's doctors orders. You can't see her." Amanda spoke, tugging his hand away from the handle.

"Goddamnit, Amanda! Let me in!" Carl spoke, harshly pushing the girl to the side. He opened the door handle, stepping into the room. He made his way to his mother, holding onto her hand, as he watched the monitor flatline. He started crying, "No! No! No!" He shouted, his throat and heart ached as he looked at his soulless mother.

"Carl!" Amanda shouted, but it was too late. Two security men walked into the room, holding onto the younger boy's arms and pulling him out of the room in a forceful way.

Carl cried, that was all he could do now. He had wondered why he had felt so helpless lately. And now he could stop wondering– because he knew. The universe was prepping him for this very moment, the moment in which his mother would die. The moment in which he would feel the most useless he'd ever feel. "Let go of me!" He shouted.

He didn't care if he created a scene, if anything– he wanted more people to be aware of this very moment. People had to know. They had to. With one more shout, "I said... get your hands off me!" And in an instant, they had, not to their own will, but with an unnatural force that had knocked them off balance. They were thrown into the wall, everyone being knocked back with the unknown energy that passed them.

Amanda looked at him, as if he was someone she had never met before. Like Carl was a complete stranger. "Carl?" She whimpered, reaching out for the boy. Carl shook his head, running out of the hospital completely, not daring to turn his head and look back.

But before he could even reach the doors, to finally escape this nightmare. He stopped. He stopped not on his own will. He hadn't realized it either, but he had began walking backwards. Because time was rewriting itself and no one would know. These events that had occurred tonight would not happen the way it happened her. Because unbeknownst to everyone, Five had rewritten time.

And it soon became the day that wasn't.


WOW. That was a doozy. But hey, after two weeks, I finally posted a chapter because I got internet for a while. Hallelujah! This was by far my favorite chapter of this book because of how emotional it is. Tell me what you guys think! Also, unlike most of my chapters, this one was not edited because I wanted to push it out as fast as I could. I didn't want you guys to wait any longer. Also, I'm looking for editors, so PM me if your interested!


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