The Unending

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Author's Note: This is an introductory storyline for the new to RPG players. The players spent most of the afternoon learning the rules and then playing their first little encounter.

Juggling fire back and forth, The Warlock was bored. He was bored, and cold, and wet. The rain was coming down and he was tired of the water trickling down his horns into his eyes. Ahead Krivv stomped along the well worn path with heavy footfalls and his scale mail plate scraped together regularly. At his side, "Q", an Eladrin Rogue walked with a much nimbler, and more silent, gait.

The mismatched crew had met on the road and quickly became travelling companions. The roads through the fields of Grenshire aren't safe to travel alone and  better to have someone watching your back while you sleep lest you never wake.

The silent plodding on the road was pierced by a shriek - the three travellers stopped and listened intently. The sounds of a young girl screaming for help at the field to the east drove Krivv into action without much hesitation  followed by Q. The Warlock sighed, and reluctantly followed, swatting at the tall grass in his way.

Shambling shadows are chasing a young girl - no more than 10 years old - as she stumbles through the field. Blood is streaming down her face and body from what looks like bite marks.

Our bold saviors can see that she's being chased by zombies. The young child stumbles and loses her footing, tumbling to the ground. Krivv springs into action to attack the lead zombies, cutting one down and unleashing his dragon breath upon the rest. With a roar, lightling crackles from Krivvs mouth and destroys two more.

Meanwhile, another group of the zombies have split off, and are beelining for Q and The Warlock.

The nimble rogue and infernal warlock make quick work of their attacks, and Krivv finishes off the remainder of the undead beasts that are trying to reach the girl.

The noble dragonborn warrior rushes to the girl once the battle has ended, but is too late. The young girl chokes a last breath and her eyes close.

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