Chapter 22 Jealousy

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Throughout the day, I kept thinking about what Brooke said. There was a possibility Liam was my mate, but how could he, when he has a mate? I thought about asking Josh, but realized it may be too personal for him. I did just meet him, I didn't want him to make him totally uncomfortable around me. He is Brooke's mate, after all, so I have to be nice to him and not scare him off.

Sighing, I twirled my thumbs around. I was very bored, and being in English didn't help with that. Honestly, why do we need to have English as a class? We already speak the language, we should be good to go. But no, we gotta learn all about conjunctions and interjections and shit like that. Who needs those anyway? It's not like on our job applications are gonna ask for us to completely describe the difference between an action verb and an auxiliary verb. Well, not on werewolf job applications anyway.

"Are you paying attention, Ms Evans?" the teacher asked.

I looked up from the thumb war I was currently having with myself. "'Course I am. I'm just in the middle of a very intense thumb war. They're neck and neck so far. I can't tell who's gonna win."

The teacher raised an eyebrow at me. It was a sub, so she wasn't used to my sass and sarcasm. I can't wait until she hears how I get out of things. This should be fun.

"Maybe you should put the thumb war on pause and finish it another time," the teacher said.

"You can't just pause a war," I said, like it was obvious, which it kinda was. "If you could, then we wouldn't be in half the wars as we're in now. If we could pause wars, why didn't we pause World War One? Or maybe even World War Three."

"World War Three hasn't happened yet," the teacher said.

"How do you know? If we can pause wars, then maybe World War Three is paused right now."

The teacher opened their mouth to speak, then closed it. I smirked, satisfied I managed to rend another teacher speechless. That, ladies and gentlemen, is why you never challenge me. It'll just end in your embarrassment. Hilarious embarrassment, if I might add.

"Okay," the teacher finally said. "On with the lesson."

I smiled and went back to my thumb war. The teacher didn't call on me again, but I did throw in a few snarky comments here and there. The teacher just ignored me, which I found hilarious. I knew I'd probably get written up, but the teacher would let that slide. Being the Alpha's daughter has its perks. Besides, no one wants to have to tell the Alpha that their daughter was misbehaving in class. Alpha's are pretty scary. All except Tristan. He's about as scary as a furry bunny rabbit. And yes, you can tell him I said that. I'll even record it for ya.

I finished up my very intense thumb war (spoiler alert: rightie won!) and looked up at the board. What I saw on the board made me falter. Jealousy. Why the hell were we learning about jealousy? I would ask, but then the teacher would say I should've been paying attention, and I absolutely refuse to give them that satisfaction.

So, instead, I listened.

"Jealousy is a term we often associate with envy. When you're jealous, you often fear of losing someone you love to another person, or you're angry that someone has something above you, or is better than you. Mostly you feel it when someone has something you want, such as blonde hair if you have brown hair, or blue eyes when you have brown eyes. It's an emotion that is displayed a lot throughout novels, but is hardest to make the reader feel."

I tuned out once she started talking about novels and how the author makes the readers feel the same emotions as their characters. I started thinking about jealousy. It wasn't a feeling I was used to, since I never really cared if someone had something I wanted or not. The only thing I ever felt remotely close to jealousy was resentment (which, in case you haven't noticed, I resent a lot of people).

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