Chapter 18

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* no one's pov*

1 Week Later...

Rhonda and Erica are in the kitchen talking. Xiumin is outside playing with his dinosaurs. Baekhyun walks downstairs wearing what's in the gif above. Rhonda gasps and squeals in awe.

Rhonda- awe you look so cute!


Erica- Baekhyun, what do we say to people that gives us stuff?

"thank you."

Rhonda- no problem. I can't wait for you to meet Xiumin!

Erica- Baekhyun, you'll love him. Come on. 


Erica holds Baekhyun's hand and walks him to Xiumin. Xiumin looks up and Baekhyun hides behind Erica. 

Erica- don't be shy Baekkie." 


Xiumin- hi my name is Xiumin. 

" Baekhyun." 

Erica- can Baekhyun play with you? 

Xiumin- yes. 

Erica- have fun. 

" ok." 

Baekhyun sits down with Xiumin and Erica walks away. Erica walks into the kitchen and leans on the counter. 

Rhonda- he looks adorable. 

Erica- he really does. 

Rhonda- you went over the rules right? 

Erica- of course I did. 

Xiumin- Rhon Rhon! 

Rhonda- oh boy. 

Rhonda and Erica walks out and sees Xiumin standing up with Baekhyun on the ground holding the dinosaur. 

Erica- Baekkie what are you doing? 

Xiumin- he won't give it back. 

" it's mines!" 

Erica- don't be selfish Baekhyun. 

"  but I don't have one!" 

Erica- I'll buy you one.

Xiumin- give it back! 

Baekhyun throws the toy on the ground and Erica gasps. 

Erica- no Baekhyun bad! Give it back to Xiumin politely.

Baekhyun rolls his eyes and hands the dinosaur to Xiumin.

Erica- I know you didn't roll your eyes at me.


Rhonda- you need to teach your little manners Erica. Let's go Minnie. 

Rhomda grabs Xiumin's hand and they walk away. Erica sighs and shakes her head. 

Erica- why did you do that?

" he wouldn't let me play with it, so I took it." 

Erica- so you think it's ok to take something that belongs to someone?

" yes...if they're being mean." 

Erica- time out.


Erica- then what shoud you do?

" finish this candy bar."

Erica chuckles and takes the candy bar from him. He reaches for it but she holds it away.

" give it back!" 

Erica- doesn't feel so good now does it?

Baekhyun crosses his arms and Erica laughs while eating the candy bar.

" I didn't eat the dinosaur though." 

Erica- there's more candy inside Baekkie. 

Erica laughs and walks away. Baekhyun pouts and continues to sit there with his arms crossed.

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