Chapter 28

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Side Tracked

A/N: I'm really sorry this chapter is late. I've been pretty caught up lately with school and judo. I know ,I know, excuses, excuses. Sorry. Love you guys!

Lilly POV:

          I woke up to a polished room. As I sat up I realized I was in the spy hospital again, but why? I looked around to see Jake sitting on my right, leaning his head on the bed sleeping. Then I looked to the left to see my brother doing the same thing. "My heroes" I whispered to myself, flicking them both in the head. "What? Woah." They both stammered as they jumped up. "Why the fuck am I in a hospital bed? How long have I been out?" I demanded answers. "You only slept through the night but we were worried you would go into a coma again so we stayed with you all night." Josh explained and I looked at Jake for the other answer. The two boys echanged glances before Jake cleared his throat to speak.

        "Somebody screwed with you while you were in the coma. We think they sent Marcus to get you stressed out so that whatever they did to you would take affect. Whatever it was activates under stress causing the person to pass out." Jake explained letting out a gulp of air after he finished. The memories of the previous night swarmed my brain and I was getting pretty angry until I remembered the part when Josh hit Marcus. Then I was a little happier. "Why did they only want me to pass out? Why didn't they just go for the kill?" I asked, my voice shaky. "They used it as a distraction..." my brother trailed off. They were getting me fustrated. "For what?" I almost yelled at them. "The last couple of spies that escaped the battle from the opposing team captured your mother and father while you were out and they were off guard. I think they are going to brain wash them. They also broke out their main leader. Don't ask me how that happened, I have no clue." Jake said with a disapproving look on his face. I looked down. "I have to undo this. This is all my fault." I mumbled thinking neither of them heard me. Both their heads shot up to look at me. "None of this is your fault."

          "When can I leave?" I asked the doctor anxiously. "Tonight at about 7:00. Please try to keep out of harms way this time Lilly. I don't want you to get hurt." I wanted to protest that statement, but I just nodded and waited. "What did he say?" Kaitie said entering my room. "I'm out by 7:00 tonight." She gave me a sympathetic look. I was so tired of that stupid sympathy every shows. I'm not a porcelain doll and everyone always thinks I am. I know I'm not invincible but seriously.

        "Let's go guys. Come on. We don't have forever here." I yelled at everyone at the break of dawn. I was already up, dressed, and ready for our mission today and none of them even knew about it in the first place. I did this on purpose because they would all stop me from going if I didn't plan in advance. They all involuntary got up and changed out at the speed of light. They slowed down for a second, realizing it was me who woke them up for a mission. "No. No. No. You are not going on a mission." Jake said with Chris and John looking at me like I was crazy in strict agreement. "I can and I will." I said fiercely.  I don't care if he is my boyfriend. I wouldn't care if he was the president. I will go on this mission to save my family once and for all. No matter what extent I have to go to, to do it. "Very funny. Seriously, I can't let you get hurt. This time you may not just go into a coma, you may very well die this time and I can't exept that." He said again, grabbing my arm, pretending like he was just grabbing it for support, but I knew his real plan was to handcuff me and tie me up and then lock me in some closet till I was 'sane'. I quickly jerked back my arm as the handcuffs came flying out. I pulled them and wrapped them around Jake's hands. "Not going to happen." I said loosening the cuffs and shoving them in my pocket. "I think she's right. Let her go." Josh said, speaking for me. Again, the only person who didn't treat me like I was going to suddenly break.

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