Heart Tree-Bran Stark x Reader

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Requested by @DramioneLover28

Bran is a little older in this imagine and this is an AU where the fall never happened. Enjoy!


"Don't forget to come by later to my rooms, I need to talk with you." Jojen let a small smile passed and he leaned over to kiss my cheek.

"Of course." I laugh. He walks with his sister to the throne room with their father. I raise my skirts a bit to walk toward the woods. Passing a table of weapons, I grab a knife just in case I come across a rabid animal.

Ever since Jojen and I were little, we loved walking through any of the few forests we could find. The air seemed the freshest and everything was so calming. In Winterfell, forests were plentiful and they called to me.

I walked further and further and stopped when I couldn't see the castle walls anymore. I could breathe easily, it seemed.

I sit on a rock and watch the birds fly high above me and I could hear the howling of wolves. One thing I didn't expect to hear was yelling.

I chose my steps carefully, trying to avoid sticks and dry leaves. Slowly, I make my way to the cause of the noises and ready my knife. It's doesn't seem like far when I get to the source near the Stark heart tree and pond.

I stand behind a tree as a boy and an older man argue. The older man is wearing the clothing of a wildling and the boy is dressed fancy. The boy raises his hands slightly and slowly. "I promise, if you don't harm me, no one shall know about this. You will be free to go." His voice shakes.

The glimmer of steel catches my eye and turns my attention to the wildling's hand. He's holding a knife to the boy's neck. "Or I can just take you back to Mance. Benjen Stark's nephew would be very valuable to him." He raises the blade closer to Bran, I assume the boy was.

I step away from the tree and carefully walk behind the wildling. Bran spots me but I shake my head quickly and place my finger to my lips to shush him. I raise my blade and stab the man in the back. He grunts and tries to swing at me but I jump out of the way. He lays on the ground and releases his last breath.

I stare at the knife and drop it and face Bran. "My lord." I breathe.

"Are you okay? What is your name?" He pants, trying to calm down. He takes a couple of steps toward me.

"Y/N. I'm okay."

He nods, "Didn't you come with the Reeds?"

"Yes, my lord." I lower my head.

"I'm not a lord, really. Just call me Bran." He walks next to me. "Shall I escort you back? It is getting darker." He looks at the sky through the leaves to the setting sun. He looks back at me and extends his arm.

"Thank you, Bran." I turn to look back at the man. "What about him?"

Bran looks back at him as well and seems to tense. "I will tell my father and see what he says to do." I nod.

"Let's get our minds off of that." He begins to walk. "How are you liking Winterfell?"

"It is stunning. In the Neck, there are just swamps so it's great to see woods. That's really why I came out here." I smile.

"Well, I'm glad you did." He smirks.

"So am I."

When we got to the castle, he faced me as we unlocked our arms. "If you need anything while you are here, you can come to me at any time." He raises my hand to his lips for a quick peck and I nod.

"Thank you, Bran."

"No, thank you. For saving my life." He smiles softly and bows, backing away.

I turn to the door of the castle and walk down the hallways and up the staircases. I get to Jojen's door and try to fix my dress.

I open the door without thinking to knock because it would just be Jojen, but to my surprise, he wasn't alone.

A pretty girl was in front of him, with their lips interlocked. I gasp and they break apart. "Y/N!" He whispers. "I can explain."

"I don't want your explanations." I spat.

I shut the door quickly and sped walked down the hall. I could hear him calling after me but I kept going. I really didn't want to see him.

How could I have been so foolish? That's why he wanted to see me. He wanted to end this.

I walk out of the castle and choke on the air that I seemed to want so badly earlier today. I remember what Bran told me and I hesitate. I can't just go to a highborn lord of Winterfell about this.

Right as I think that, a voice comes from behind me that wasn't Jojen. "Y/N?" Bran asks, sounding confused and slightly happy. I turn around and his smile fades. "What's wrong?" Concern floods his expression.

"It's nothing." I choke out.

"That's not convincing. Here, come with me to the godswood. We can talk more privately there." He reaches his hand out to me and I stare at it for a moment. He nods, "Please, let me help you with this."

I take his hand and he guides me back to the heart tree where we met. He doesn't push anything out of me the entire way there. He sits in front of the pond and beckons for me to join him. "Do you want to talk about it?"

I hold it in for a few seconds until everything came out in a rush. I told him everything and I accidentally let out a sob here and there. By the end, I was a mess of tears.

He sighs and opens his arms and pulls me into a hug. "I'm so sorry, Y/N." He caresses my hair and rests his chin on my head while I bury my face into his chest. "I promise, after all of this hardship, you will get the happiness you deserve."

We stay in that position for a while, him continuing to shush me and try to comfort me. The time finally came for me to calm down. "Do you feel better after that good cry?" He looked down at me. I nod, not wanting to break again from the sound of my voice.

I sit up and he drops his arms to his legs as he watches me. I smile sadly. "I'll be fine." I sigh.

He nods, "You will. You'll get stronger from this." He picks my hands into his and lifts them to his lips. He kept them there and after he was done he smiled at me. "Someone will come along that you will be grateful that this relationship ended here."

I huff. "Who?"

"Me." My eyes widen and watch him. "Obviously we can wait until you are in a better mindset." He gives me a genuine smile and stands. "It's probably best if we get you to bed. You've had a lot of things happen for one day."

I grab his outstretched hand and stand up. He wipes the tears from my cheeks. I nod and smile back at him.

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