The Revelation / Chapter 8

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We dance for hours it seems like, the horizon slowly creeps up the desert hills. The crowd still stands around as the melody has faded and the drums periodically go off into a beat.

Krios retreated into his chambers not long before the horizon, calling upon Melina, she and the other twelve mistresses went to his chambers.

Feeling a tug on my sleeve, I look down to see a small boy with dirt in his blonde hair, his clothes are rags and looks as if he has not eaten in days.

Pulling on my sleeve, he starts to walk away with it in his hand, motioning for me to go with him.

I pull away, but he is fast to regain my sleeve and give a stronger tug.

I grab his hand, and he lets go of my sleeve, weaving through the crowd he takes me out of the plaza and into the streets.

We cross the street, and he starts to run and breaks holding hands, I start running close behind him. Stopping, he creeps behind pillars, looking around I see palace guards in all red and black armor chatting. I move in secrecy as well, following the little boy's moves, he waits for me to get past them. Then retakes off, running down another street, trash, clutter, and shacks are the culture as we turn the street. Houses with broken windows sealed with cloth all around, filth covers the streets. "Where are you taking me?" I ask.

Stopping he turns around. "Almost there," he says.

He waves his hand, I slowly walk down the dirt roads now, he turns into a small alley in between two old vacant buildings, a hut is in between both of them. Lifting the sheet, he goes inside, I walk up to the hut, cautiously.

Lifting the sheet, I see around thirty to forty people inside, all starring with intensity.

"Hello?" I say.

An old man sits in the front of the people at a table. "Have a seat," he says, gesturing for me to sit down.

"How are you? My name is Jeremiah, and this is my family."

"I am Kai, nice to meet you," I say, being friendly.

"We know all too well who you are. You and the other Imperials are in far more danger than you know or want to believe."

"How?" I ask, getting comfortable in the chair.

"You do not know Krios' brutality nor his wickedness. He is corrupt and must be stopped. You put yourself and the prophecy at risk, this was all a trap," he says, bitterly.

"You all are going to die if you stay here," he says.

"How? How have I put myself at risk?"

"Krios knew you all would come for my granddaughter... and has baited you in his empire."

"Your granddaughter?" I ask.

"Yes, Sapphire is my granddaughter... you couldn't possibly think that that was his daughter.

We are her true family.

When Sapphire was born, she was born into our family, but Sapphire was gifted, and her gifts were something we could not hide even as a newborn baby. It did not take long for Krios to hear of a baby that was affecting the earth.

He and his soldiers showed up at the doorstep of my daughter and my son-in-law's house, they were nobles of the empire.

Well, when he arrived, he stole Sapphire away from her mother and father, then decided to make a mockery out of the two. He held a public execution and decapitated both of them, then had their bodies pulled by horses after, just to give incent.

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