The Last Imperial / Chapter 7

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"We are the Imperials of the other clans, I am Eve, giver of life and author and finisher of death," she says, staring her down.

Grabbing Eve, I pull her back, telepathically telling her to not come on too headstrong. She disregards my advice and doesn't take her eyes off of her.

Stepping in front of her, "I am Kai from Auriel, it is nice to meet you," I say, nodding my head.

Sapphire keeps her eyes focused on me and doesn't nod.

"You have disturbed Lord Krios," she says. "He sent me down here to give him a treat."

"So, you're his dog?" says Eve, sarcastically.

An appalled look falls on Sapphire's face, she starts laughing.

"Just who the hell do you think you are?" Sapphire says.

"I am your equal, and you will speak to me with respect," says Eve.

"You're equal?" she says, in a very sardonic tone.

"None of you are even on my level, how dare you?" Sapphire says, disrespectfully.

"You of all people try to compare yourself to me?" she laughs, cynically.

"You've grossly underestimated me," Sapphire says, with her eyes rolling.

"Let me at her," Eve says, telepathically.

"She's the very reason we are here, we can't have her against us," I say back.

Irritation is all over Eve's face, exhaling, she lets a puff of air out, turning she stands behind me uncomfortably.

A small smirk falls on Sapphire's face, "That's right stay in your place pet," she says.

Before she could even finish her sentence, Eve moves at godspeed, knocking her with her shoulder into the wall, the whole Coliseum rumbles.

Getting in front of her, she brings her head down to her knee, then flipping her over by her hair, she pulls on her hair lifting her head up.

"Say it again!" yells Eve, in a correctional voice.

Elbowing Eve in the stomach, it takes her off guard. I hear the earth crackle, sending gastric pressure up where Eve stands, taken back her skin begins to bubble, and she screams, "My eyes!"

Sapphire takes advantage of the opportunity, striking her at godspeed, she comes at her hard. Punching her endlessly, grabbing Eve by her hair, she swings her into the dirt.

Eve lays in the dirt helplessly, blind and body in pain, Sapphire grabs her by the hair and launches her onto the wall.

Sending hot molten magma up against her, moving it to where it spreads out her arms and legs. Using her power, she rapidly cools the magma sealing Eve to the wall.

Z tugs on my shirt, "Are we going to do something?"

Rain answers his question, "Nobody told her to go head on with the newbie," he says, shaking his head.

I look back at the fight, Sapphire starts forming a spear out of the earth to kill helpless Eve.

"Yeah, I'll stop it right now," I tell Z, I start forming a force shield around Eve.

Sapphire sends her spear right at Eve's heart, touching the shield the spear dissolves into a smear speck of dirt.

She turns looking at us, I wave my finger from side to side, smiling.

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