The Great Divide / Chapter 6

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Waking up, I'm under the tree with everyone else, "How long was I unconscious?"

"Maybe about an hour or so. We've just been talking about our training while you were out. But when you feel refreshed enough to go to the great divide, we are all waiting," says Rain.

"I'm ready to go now," I say. Getting up I move to the small dirt path.

Concentrating, I feel my power slip out of my bones, covering me, I make it surge within me. The tiny pebbles and dirt start lifting off the ground, I envision the image Aura showed me of the crevice.

In a blink of an eye, I am standing in front of the great divide, wind overtakes me at brisk high winds. Looking down, the crevice it goes into full darkness. Turning my head north, it is never ending, turning my head south, it is the same way.

On the other side is a few trees, but behind the trees is a vast desert, full of sandhills, dunes, and small mountains.

Looking at the side that I'm standing on is lush green trees, a small riverbed, and I see a doe running through the forest.

This really is the border between light and darkness, entirely different terrains. Realizing how long I've been out here; the others are probably worried. Pulsing my energy through my body, I jump back to them.

They all turn startled, "Did you get there?" asks Aura.

"Yeah, I did, it's completely crazy, the great divide isn't just a crevice it is an actual border. On the side I was on, was green trees, and you know, LIFE. And then on the other side of the crevice was giant mountains and small hills of sand. It makes no sense except what the Elders told us, how the great battle happened at the border."

"Come on, let's go," I say, excitingly.

They all get up slowly. "Let's go," says Aura.

"Grab my hand," I say, as she grabs my left and Z grabs my right, together we all link.

I feel the others power and link it, with me pulsing the power through all of us, towering dirt, stones, and pebbles rise into the air.

In a bright flash, we are all standing in front of the crevice.

Aura breaks away and starts laughing. Eve sits down as if she is gonna be sick.

Z smiles and looks at me, "That was fun, let's do it again."

I let them recuperate, while I look for a way to get to the other side. Looking down each side, there is no bridge, rope or anything linking them together.

"Just how do people get over to the other side," I say, scratching my head.

"I don't know maybe fly!" says Rain.

I look up, and he is already on the other side floating in the air.

"Ok, but what about the rest of us, Eve can't fly."

Eve cocks her head, stands up and runs to the cliff leaping into the air, soaring over the cliff landing, she turns to smirk at me.

"Alright, who's next?" I say aloud. Aura walks up to the cliff, sending out large roots, that stab the other side, forming a small bridge across the deep crevice, effortlessly she walks across. Xodus and Z follow right behind her, I slowly lift myself into the air and float across to the other side.

"Now there are bigger things to argue about," Aura says, with a smirk, skipping ahead in front of everyone.

I come back down placing my feet onto the sand, "Does anybody know where we are going?" I ask.

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