Calm The Fire: 140

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There were many times throughout their shared adventure when Bilbo had seen Thorin go through a whole multitude of emotions. From anger to happiness. Scepticism to acceptance. Even depression to determination. Bilbo was rather sure that he'd seen all emotions. Though there was perhaps one, or rather a disposition which Bilbo had quite forgotten was particular to Dwarf kind.

Irritable and irritated. Generally all round being in an bad mood. And this was only an hour – not even that – since Náriel had departed to Mirkwood with Aranhi.

The farewell in itself was rather eventful, the poor Elf Princess had been subjected to one heck of a group hug which almost squeezed the life out of her. And that was just from Dis, Fíli and Kíli. The others either loosely embraced her because she was recovering from a bone crushing grip, or just patted her on the shoulder telling her to hurry up and return.

Bilbo couldn't quite pin the tone down to that what was used. It was close to desperate, yet insisting, and then not forgetting serious. It was all rather confusing. At the time Bilbo honestly didn't see the point of using such tones. He himself just smiled lightly at her, patted his sides and waved a hand at her, only for her to wrap her arms around his shoulders and pull him close.

“Goodbye, my friend, do me a favour for when I’m gone.” She had whispered in his ear. Bilbo merely nodded and looked over her shoulder with confused eyes. “Keep an eye on him.” She didn't need to say who 'him' was, that was rather obvious.

“Oh, he won't need me loitering around. But I shall do my best.” Bilbo had replied while patting a hand gently on her shoulder.

Náriel seemed content with this and had let him go. Turning to her friends she smiled and waved a hand before exiting the Mountain alongside Aranhi.

Approximately forty-five minutes had passed since then. And Bilbo was just mindlessly taking a stroll. He was debating whether to go see how the building work was doing down in Dale. He hadn't been down there for a while and he was curious to see how it was going. From the balconies he could clearly see the towers being built up. The houses and streets were gradually taking form which caused him to smile faintly.

In his mindless strolling he had stopped and shuffled back to see Thorin looking rather bemused down at a table in front of him. It wasn't the furniture which was causing the confused almost bordering annoyed expression. More the papers which were littered across it.

“Are you just going to stand there and stare, Master Baggins?” Thorin asked while running a hand thoughtfully on his chin and looking to him with a sidewards look.

Bilbo just blinked and pointed down the corridor. “Well, I was just passing actually.”

Thorin raised an eyebrow. He clearly didn't believe him. Though Bilbo was being honest. He wasn't trying to find Thorin. If anything – though he listened to Náriel's words – Bilbo was not going to loiter around Thorin. He wasn't going to keep tabs on what he was doing, or where he was going. Mainly because he knew Thorin would quite clearly tell him to go away. Maybe, perhaps, in a slightly more polite manner, though that may be asking a little too much at this point in time.

“Just come in,” Thorin sighed and smiled lightly. “You don't seem to have any attention of moving off. So come in.”

Bilbo awkwardly nodded and trotted in and stopped by his side. “What is this I am looking at?”

“This,” Thorin gestured a hand to the papers in front of them. “Is my sister's idea of help.”

“The wedding.”


“How's that going?”

“With the way Dis is trying to do things, it's not going anywhere. Hence why I have intervened. And yes, before you say it, yes I know I should technically be planning my own wedding. But I have been preoccupied, for better words.”

“I wasn't going to say anything.” Bilbo mumbled and got a frown sent his way. Smiling lightly he scanned over a piece of paper and frowned over what he read. “Slightly excitable, isn't she?”

“It's like she's getting married.”

“I think she's just happy for you.”

“Oh believe me, Bilbo, I know that.” Thorin stepped back from the table and gave the papers a withering look before looking to him. “I have a suggestion.”


“We leave this room, leave Dis's bizarre plans behind, and just walk.”

“Sounds like you're trying to escape there.” Bilbo said while putting his hands in his pockets and smiling.

“You'd be correct.” Thorin admitted quietly with a frown. “By all means though, if you know anything about how to organise and plan a wedding, we can stay and try and make sense and rectify Dis's suggestions and notions.” Thorin said in a slightly sarcastic suggestive tone while glancing at the table.

Bilbo's eyes widened and he slowly shook his head. “On second thoughts, your idea of a walk sounds great, brilliant even, shall we?” Bilbo said quickly while not wasting any time with exiting the room with Thorin not too far behind.

“Where are you two off to?” Balin's voice came from a corridor opening. Stopping and watching him as he walked up to them, they exchanged a look. “You look like you're up to something.” He said thoughtfully while narrowing his eyes.

“Up to something? Oh no, no, Balin you are mistaken.” Bilbo said with a smile.

“That's making you seem more guilty.” Balin stated.

Thorin sighed and rolled his eyes. “Bilbo is kindly tearing me away from plans.”

“Dis's plans you mean?” Balin chuckled. “Oh trust me, I know them. She even pestered me with them. I think if you two are avoiding planning, then you best relieve Fíli and Kíli too. They've had to put up with Dis the most, or rather she won't leave them alone.”

“Hm,” Thorin hummed thoughtfully and nodded. “That'd involve having to cross paths with her. And she does have a habit of seeing through lies.”

“Just avoid wedding talk and say you need to borrow Fíli and Kíli for a moment.” Balin suggested.

“That's quite a good idea.” Bilbo piped up with a nod.

“Thank you, Balin.” Thorin smiled and continued to walk alongside Bilbo. The two did stop though when Balin's voice called out to them.

“May I make another suggestion?” He questioned. “Best not put off the planning for too long, hm? Keep in mind Náriel is under the presumption that planning will be going on while she's away. You think your sister is too much to cope with at the moment. How will you react to an Elven Princess who'll no doubt be irritated to find out nothing has changed?” This alone caused Thorin's eyes to widen. Balin had another point. “Don't leave the poor lass to sort out everything, eh?” Balin waved at them and then turned away.

Bilbo looked up at Thorin. “Had a change of mind about that walk?”

“Not entirely,” Thorin said slowly and looked down at Bilbo. “More, I think we now have a purpose for a walk.”

“That being?” Bilbo asked curiously as they started walking again.

“We need to know how many people will be attending. That means having to check up on everyone.” Thorin looked quickly at Bilbo as they walked down one of the many stone staircases. “Erebor can hold many people, but I think they'll have to be a limit.”

“Right.” Bilbo said with a raised eyebrow. “To Dale then?” He smiled faintly and picked up his pace when they reached the foyer. They avoided the workers down here who were constructing the new front doors. Taking in the fresh cool air of the day the two commenced the short walk down to the bustling rebuilding city.


(A/N: Aha...hah, oh lord, seriously, the mental image of Thorin being clueless over planning is enough. But Bilbo too? It's like a disaster waiting to happen. A hilarious disaster. Hence why I did it. I needed a laugh. And I laughed while writing. Cos I’m lame like that. Oh one last thing: dang, 140? How did we do this people? Any ideas? Oh well, thank you all round, I’m done now, ciao!)

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