The City Of Light / Chapter 5

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"So how far away are we from the City of Light?" says Xodus, blandly.

"Just up a few more feet, the entrance is right past this canyon." We follow through endless turns, until we see a giant breakthrough of sunlight.

Opening up thousands of birds fly within the sky, the wind breaks across our face as we see, a giant crystal gate closed. It is connected to a giant wall with two monumental fractured statues standing straight up, holding giant spears.

Bowls of blue fire cover the wall every few twenty feet. A cracked, uneven paved walkway leads to the door, inside the walkway, chipped old stone warriors cover both sides.

We all stop in awe.

"I've never seen something so beautiful," says Z.

Looking at Eve, tears are running down her face, "Why are you crying?" I ask.

"My father, all he ever talked about was the land of the Imperials, and now I'm standing here at the gates of it. I wish he could see it, that's all."

"Well this is only the entrance, let's go inside," says Xodus.

"Do they know we are here?" I ask.

"Bones said he would tell them," says Aura.

"Well then why haven't they opened up the gates yet?" ask Z.

Looking at the gate, I see there is an inscription, a small circle that looks like a compass.

Touching it, the inscription begins to glow spreading out covering the crystal gate.

When the glowing blue Aura reaches the top of the gate, grinding breaks as the doors begins to open.

Opening, a grand entrance shows, with a bridge leading over a giant cliff, and there stands a city.

Waterfalls fall over the cliff as it goes into the abyss.

Houses made of crystal, beautiful stones all glimmer in the sunlight, and in the middle, a giant castle standing tall among the homes. "The city stands on a small mountain," says Z.

In the sky, hundreds of balls of light glow in the middle of the day, giving an appearance of stars even though the sun shines clearly. Looking at the street pillars, these same balls of light are in the center. Staring into it, images change, massive rivers, lush green forests, hot deserts all pass in a series of seconds. Turning, Z yells, "Wow!" looking up in awe.

Looking up, a colossal stone statue stands hundreds of feet in the air, its head practically in the clouds, with its hands extended out. Two waterfalls fall out of its hands, falling into the city, with the rivers leading straight out falling into the abyss.

It's beautiful, we stay standing still taking it all in, slowly we make our way walking on the golden beige stone walkway, as we get over the bridge, a small army in all silver armor holding blue flags stare at us. In the middle, are three men on white horses. One of them, his body and face is covered in red tattoos. The other is my grandfather, with his white beard longer than usual. And the one in the middle is instead a boy closest to our age in beautiful embroidery, rings and chains on his neck with his hair in a long, wavy ponytail going back.

I make eye contact with my grandfather; a small grin comes upon his face.

"You've made it," I hear my grandfather's voice in my head.

Looking around the others continue unphased.

"Bow when you reach us, tell the others," he says, telepathically.

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