The Battle / Chapter 4

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I wake up, and my head is spinning.

"Where am I?" looking around I'm in the middle of trees and shrubs.

"Why am I in the forest? How did I get here?

Who dressed me?" Staring at myself, "I'm dressed in battle armor?"

I start to move, I need to find my way back. Walking through the shrubs and bushes, I hear a crackle of thunder and see a lightning strike. I start to run towards the noise, panic grips me. I see the forest begin to clear, breaking out a giant field goes for miles.

I see Rain in the sky, looking around I don't see anybody or anything threatening.

"What the hell are you fighting?!" I yell.

"HER!" he screams.

As if on cue he goes flying into the trees, I watch turning around to see what happened to him. I see Eve falling to the floor landing, and the ground crushes beneath her feet. She takes off running to me at full speed. Looking around wondering, who is she looking at? Eve stares with a menacing look, in seconds she's on me, I reach in for a hug, and she swings with extreme strength, I fall back hard. I roll and get back up, and she's there again. Blocking, I dodge some of her hits. As she starts to move with intense speed, I can't keep up, she kicks me in the jaw, I fly towards the edge of the trees. I'm greeted by Xodus, who thrust his staff towards the ground, I roll away and get up.

Xodus stares with a menacing look, as well.

"Can someone tell me what your deal is?" I ask.

"Training," he says.

He swings his staff at me.

"How come I was uninformed?"

I roll away, as his long staff takes out trees around him.

"Bones left me a note when I woke up.


He stops swinging and looks at me, "Are you ready?" as he goes back into position.

"Hold that thought?" as I lift him up with telekinesis and send him into the trees.

I hear a scream, looking around, I see Aura facing Eve.

Aura not knowing what to do, Eve smacks her across the field, dirt covers Aura's face as she slides across the grass field.

I feel the trees shudder, the ground itself starts to move. I look at Aura, all the dirt is lifted around her. Hearing her scream, giant roots break through the ground, and head towards the direction of Eve.

Eve takes out two long swords and goes head-on with the roots. Thunder and lightning crackle once again. Looking up in the sky, I can't find Rain, but hundreds of lightning strikes start to head in my direction.

I take off running, to the middle of the field, where Aura has turned the ground into quicksand. I can't lift my legs. She turns seeing me in her grasp, she laughs, her wicked tone vibrates through the forest.

I force my power into my toes, I see the sand separate, as I start to levitate out of the sand.

She stares quietly. A flapping noise fills my ears, looking up thousands of birds circle the battlefield. Rain falls out of the sky, his clothes are torn, with claw marks all over his body.

"CLAW HER EYES OUT!" yells Eve.

Taking the command, the birds scream, vengeance, and gather as they all come down as one.

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