the one with hyunjin's drunk texts

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Chat with sEuNgMiN❤️✨

Hyunjin⭐️: minnnnnie
Hyunjin⭐️: baby

Hyunjin⭐️: i'm sorryf i got you grounded
Hyunjin⭐️: your mom prolly hates me now

Hyunjin⭐️: whatervver thiugh i love you no amtter what she sasy

Hyunjin⭐️: tell youre mom she cna go suck a shark lmao nothfing cannkeep me frokm you

sEuNgMiN❤️✨: He doesn't need to tell me. Seungmin is grounded, remember? I have his phone.
sEuNgMiN❤️✨: Goodnight, Hyunjin.

Hyunjin⭐️: ùwú

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