Chapter 2

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Ya'll probably already know this but Italics is Yoongis depression „speaking" to him.

Yoongi absolutely did NOT want to get up today, he already lay awake just three hours after he had finally gotten to bed yet he couldn't sleep anymore, even though his body desperately needed it, considering the sparse amount of hours he had slept throughout the last weeks.

Bags were clearly visible under his eyes, even more now than ever, he looked like he hadn't slept in three weeks, which was almost true.

He could clearly hear Seokjin's Alarm starting to ring '5:30am' he made a mental note, after a few minutes Yoongi could hear His Hyung shuffling out of bed and to his closet.

Quiet footsteps could be heard nearing Yoongis  side of the room, the footsteps stopped and Yoongi was pretty sure his only hyung was contemplating wether or not he should wake his oldest dongsaeng.

Yoongi could feel a warm hand on his shoulder slightly shaking him and a rather sleepily „hey wake up" from Seokjin.

Still reluctant Yoongi rolled over to face Jin towering over him, sleep evident in his Hyungs beautiful features.

Yoongi mumbled a raspy „morning" back, sure he wasn't the most social but he had a soft spot for all his members, including Jin.

„C'mon we gotta get ready and wake the others up" Jin said, to this Yoongi grumbled and got out of bed, more like fell out but that's besides the point, he walked over to his dresser and grabbed some clothes for the day, he didn't really care what he grabbed since it was summer and anything would suffice so he ended up wearing knee-length black shorts and a horizontally striped long-sleeve shirt.

„I'll go get the maknaes up can you wake Hobi and Namjoon please" Seokjin said slipping out of the door to round up the chaos trio.

Yoongis POV

After making my way to Hoseok and Namjoons room I knocked on the door before walking in, even if I'm supposed to wake them I don't need them to hate me even more because I walked in on them.

I made my way over to Namjoon first shaking him awake, once I was certain he was awake I walked over to Hoseoks bed and pulled the covers off my sleeping sunshine friend, earning a whine and scowl from said boy.

„Get up you two I don't feel like pulling someone out of bed today" I grumbled, you could see that as a threat I had done it before when Jimin didn't want to wake up, he was lucky he had taken the bottom bunk that night.

When both of them were sitting on the beds I thought my job was done so I headed back to my room to brush my hair and teeth and pack my bag for the day.

After I was finished brushing my teeth I looked at myself in the mirror,
Wow you're ugly how did you even get into Bangtan
Was all I could think, i know im not the best looking in the band and was certainly not the best at anything like Hoseok was at dancing.

I looked down at the scale next to the sink, sure I didn't consider myself fat but one of our side-managers pulled me aside recently to tell me that I've been gaining weight, it was also the reason Jin scolded me, I didn't eat with the group anymore not just because I forgot and was too stressed but because I was scared of what that particular manager, Kim Dak-ho, would do if I gained even more weight.

Just thinking of having to see him again today made me physically sick and made me gag, I quickly leaned over the toilet so I wouldn't make a mess, I threw up nothing more than stomach acid and water seeing as I hadn't eaten in about two days now which was pretty okay except for the fact that throwing up stomach acid hurts more than actually vomiting.

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