Sketchy Motives

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"The house has a favorite dish, and I thought practicing it tonight will help ease your mind for the sketch artist tonight." Danny and Calla have been in the kitchen covered with flour for the last few hours. He's showed her how to make muffins and cookies from scratch. Calla assures him that, even if she remembered everything, she didn't know how to do most of this baking beforehand.

"What's it called?" She asked while pulling out a second pan of cookies from the hot oven. She placed it on the trivet so it wouldn't mess up the wood countertops while it cools. Calla was so happy that this pan came out better than the first pan that was all burnt. They even had to stand under the fire detector and waved their hands until it stopped beeping. 

"I'm not sure if there is a specific name for the dish, but we call it Cuban pork. It comes from this pork that we marinate in spices and then roast it in the oven. We usually pair it with root vegetables and something alcoholic, but we can leave that out for the big night. Let's start with the marinade." Danny was beaming with excitement and pride as he busied himself around the kitchen. He would take the step stool around the counters as he dragged it with his foot along the tile floor. They got the hang of dancing around each other while working in the kitchen together. 

"Charlie told me about what happened last night, you finally remember the guy's face?" Danny started up a conversation as Charlie and Joe tried to get him to do with her. They wanted her to focus on the task later that night but they also needed her to relax. While Danny isn't the most relaxed person in the world, he had this charm about him once you got to know him. And as the relationship grew between Danny and Calla, that charm slowly worked on her.

"Most of it, the night I was thrown away I saw his face before I hit the water. I can remember it as if I dreamed of it last night...Which I sort of did, but that's not the point. What is Charlie going to eat if this is for a pork roast?" She changed the subject as quick as possible and busied herself with getting a bowl for the marinade. 

"I know you don't want to talk about it, but we don't want you to lose the image in your head. Even while having fun, we wanted to keep your memory sharp and fresh. Sorry, if it sounds like we're playing you, we just want the best." Danny smiled at her but Calla turned around and busied herself with grabbing the cloves of garlic they talked about before. Danny wasn't sure what to do next, so he just went along with what she was doing. 

"As for the non-meat option, we can do the same marinade on a head of cauliflower and roast it the same way. Let's start with the garlic, we need a lot of it." He pushed the step stool over next to her and stepped up to meet the counter. He grabbed a few cloves of garlic and began to peel them as Calla was already doing. 

"I want to remember," Calla started, "but I fear that if I remember what happened then all of this ends. I'm only here because I needed help, what if I don't need help after I remember?" Only the sound of garlic being peeled and then chopped with large knives could be heard. Danny was impressed that she knew how to hold a knife to chop properly, he didn't even need to show her. Maybe somethings were coming back to her in the form of muscle memory.

"Even if you remember everything from birth up until right this second, we will still want you around. Now, this was supposed to be saved for the dinner next weekend, but we wanted to tell you that all seven of us want you to be our eighth member. Maybe we can even enroll you in college but that might be messier, we may actually have to have you remember everything for the route..." She didn't want to believe what he was telling her but she had no choice, he was saying that they wanted her to be in the house permanently and she just couldn't believe it. 

Danny jumped off the step stool and grabbed the orange juice from the fridge before giving it to Calla who still hadn't said anything about the offer they would hand to her in less than a week. When she didn't talk, Danny just continued to ask her for different things for the marinade like the juice, the mounds of garlic they chopped, and a few different seasonings. Before he could ask her what she thought about the offer, Charlie and Joe interrupted them.

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