Stage Sixteen/1

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Rolling my eyes I grab the bottle pouring more drinking that glass then pouring another

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Rolling my eyes I grab the bottle pouring more drinking that glass then pouring another. Chase follows my lead giving me a quick kiss then tending to his mother and crazy babymomma.

"Chase Blake Banks!" His mother stood in the middle of the kitchen entrance.


"Care to explain what I'm seeing here?"

"No I don't need to." He came back to me picking me up onto the counter top.

"Oooh Hercules!" I giggled making him smirk squeezing my thigh.

"This place is not some brothal where you bring just anything Chase. I can't believe you are disrespecting your fathers property like this." She starts making her way closer.

"This is my property now mother no one is disrespecting anything."

"We are not here to just have sex Mrs Banks...were gonna have dinner first and then your son is gonna blow my back out I'm a real lady he doesn't just get it without something first." I smirk hearing chase low chuckle.

"mauvaise fille." (Bad girl)

"Why you little slut! I was talking to my son." She charged pointing her little wrinkly finger at us more so me.

"Takes one to know one."

I could see her turning red that only made me smile more. April just stood back watching like the lost puppy she is. It's sad how she's just here I guess she been trained pretty well. I did catch all the glares and mean stares she's tossing but I'm not to worried. Averting my eyes back to Chase who is still going back and forth with his mom. His hands in his pants pockets head held high chest out. The confidence he gives off is probably my favorite factor about him it all spills out through how he carries hisself how he speaks how he dress.

"Mother I need you calm down and stop disrespecting my guest this is my place I can bring whoever I want including my girlfriend."

"Girlfriend!?" They both yelled.

I just smirked waving my cute manicured nails. They still look fresh to...what color should I do next? White....purple...oooh yellow.

"You really did it. Finessed your way in his life." Alex stood shaking her head at me. Sis was staring mighty hard to.

Chase and his sweet old mother must've gone somewhere else. Why would they leave this girl with me?

"You like? My baby got it for me the whole fit he's treating me to a romantic dinner tonight."

"Ha none of this is new you know he did all this same stuff for me."

"Ok and." I shrugged laughing. "I'm not insecure like you sweetheart that shit don't bother me but I know it bothers you. Cause now you see what you had I have now plus more. Your just a outsider looking in."

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