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"Cara, we need to get going or you'll be late for class," yelled Brian. Cara rushed about her room searching for her binder when someone rang the doorbell. Cara leapt and hit her head on the desk. She growled and ran downstairs and opened the door. Lucius stood grinning at her.

Cara crossed her arms against her chest. "What's the matter with you?" she asked. "Do you want a ride?" he asked, casually. Cara stared at him, surprised. "No thanks, I'm going with Brian." She closed the door her stomach churning. No not the butterfly – kind. Her stomach churned with fear for no reason. It's just Lucius. Nothing's wrong, she told herself and raced to the stairs when the doorbell rang again.

"What now?" she had half – mind to kick Lucius away.

"WHAT'S YOUR PROB-," Cara stopped. A delivery guy stood in the doorway next to Lucius who was scowling. "I was asked to give this to you," he held a parcel out to her and Cara took it, puzzled. Lucius said something to the delivery guy whose face paled. The guy took off running and Cara grimaced.

She smiled when she saw her mom's name and attempted to close the door. Lucius wedged his foot in the doorway. "What's that?" he asked. Cara looked at him annoyed. Something was wrong with him. Sure, he had a reputation of being the bad boy, but to her, he was always good.

"It's from mom. Lucius, listen to me. You are acting weird," Cara started and Lucius' eyes turned stormy. "I mean, you pop out of nowhere and ask if I want a ride. You scare off the delivery guy. I don't know something's off about your attitude." she said and Lucius raised an eyebrow. "Oh yes, being civil to a girl is weird," he said. "Lucius, you and I both know that's not what I'm talking about. What did you say to that guy?" she asked.

"It's none of your business," he replied brusquely. "Of course, it's my business, seeing that the guy came to deliver the parcel to ME." she replied and attempted to slam the door. Lucius caught hold of the door and pushed it and Cara landed on the floor.

"Have you lost your senses?" she asked nursing her back. "Open the parcel," Lucius said his eyes arrogant. "Fat chance, Lucy. Now get out!" Cara replied holding the parcel close to her chest.

"OPEN THE DAMN PARCEL. WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU? WHY DON'T YOU LISTEN TO ME FOR ONCE?" he yelled. Cara stood up and stared at him, incredulous. He was acting bossy and arrogant. Much like the old Lucius who had visited the bakery with his rowdy friends, before Cara changed him. She shook with anger. "GET OUT THIS INSTANT!" she shouted and Lucius took a step forward his hand raised.

Two beats passed.

He dropped his hand and walked away, slamming the door. Cara sighed. She knew Lucius was the bad boy type. Apparently, people change only in books. The door opened once again, "You will regret this," he said and slammed the door again. Cara shook her head, dejected and ran up the stairs and dumped the parcel in her secret hideout in the wall.

Whatever the parcel was, she would open it when her mom arrived. She grabbed her notepad and descended downstairs to the kitchen and picked an apple from the fruit bowl. She stopped short at the sight of the contents of the trash can. Sugar cubes and pepper. Edward had the nerve to do it again. When did life turn into such a mess?

Brian walked from the bakery's door and Cara kept her mouth shut, determined not to worry him more.


Cara swirled her straw in her chocolate milkshake and closed the door behind her. Cecy was arguing with Brian. The classes today had been extremely boring. Her mind kept running to Lucius and when she pushed his thoughts away, it jumped to sugar cubes and Edward.

Brian flicked on the lights and Cecy screamed.

That's when the stench hit her.

The hall was bathed in white light and the floor gleamed under it. A pool of blood was spread on the floor. Cara paled and her hands started shaking as she gripped the cup tighter.

A rabbit was suspended from the ceiling, its limbs hanging limply and one ear cut off. Its white fur was coated with blood and Cara felt like throwing up. Brian stared at the sight and for a moment it seemed as if time had stopped.

Cara pushed past Brian and looked at the rabbit. "It's...it's Mar...Marchy," she whimpered. Marchy had been her pet rabbit. It was white and had a black stripe in its tail. It had been her pet until one day it vanished when she left it out in the park. It also had a strip of grey fur in its left ear. Its right ear had had a matching strip of black.

Cara skirted the pool of blood and stopped by the table. A sheet of white paper was placed under the vase.

Your parents are enjoying their trip. One word to the police and you won't be seeing them anytime soon. Enjoy the rabbit feast.

Loads of love,

Sugar cubes and pepper.

The ink seemed to be blood. Cara felt her whole body shake, her brain conjuring images she didn't want to see. She tore the paper, her cup crashing on the table. Edward was dangerous. Psycho but dangerous.

She turned to face Brian who looked at her and Cecy who was still staring at the dead rabbit. Then, Cecy slumped on the floor, unconscious. 


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