Chapter 10

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(Sorry for not posting. I haven't really been too motivated lately so I had no idea on how to continue this. My other stories, however, have been updated recently, so I decided, "You know what? I'll just try to come up with something!" So... Here. Have this update.)

Corruption had, in all honesty, accidentally scared a few of the residents. To be extra honest, they chose to be near dark areas, so they should've expected him to suddenly materialise from them.

"Corruption. That's just rude. You can't go around scaring people like that!"

All he got was a huff in return, the other retorting, "It's really not that hard to see me! It's their fault they're so dumb! Not mine!" "Well you blend in way to well! Of course they won't see you!"

Corruption turned into the Big Donut, grumbling out insults towards Nightmare, but very lightheartedly.

He did care, after all.

"Hi! Welcome to the Big Donut! What can I get you?" Corruption could sense her fatigue, it wasn't hard to tell she was faking happiness.

"Four donuts. Two cinnamon and two chocolate."

The lady nodded, smiling falsely, "Coming right up!"

Corruption watched as she used tongs to pick the chosen donuts before putting them in a bag and placing them on the counter.

She rang it up and found the correct amount in her hand and the mysterious customer gone.

Nightmare, however, was absolutely ecstatic over the sight of the donuts. He had been able to try them out once or twice, so this was an opportunity.

Corruption sensed his increased optimism, and handed him control of his form, startling the other greatly.

"What? Corruption? What is this?"

"I handed you control over my form. What do you think? If u had eaten the donuts, you wouldn't have tasted it. Or that's what I'm thinking. So I'm letting you eat it to see if I also taste it."

Nightmare blinked, before smiling, "Thanks."

He nibbled on the edge lightly, only for indigo to rush to his face as he struggled not to scarf it down.

For him, this was heaven. The dough wasn't too dry or damp, the cinnamon wasn't over the top and it seemed to melt on his tongue.

Corruption chuckled, ignoring the heavenly taste on his own tongue in order to take in Nightmare's reaction.

His emotions were bright, Nightmare was actually happy.

So it surprised him when it suddenly dropped.

"Nightmare?! What's wrong?! Are you hurt?!"

The guardian in question sniffed, wiping at his eyes in order to get rid of the bioluminescent, indigo tears trailing down his cheeks.

"Dream... He got this all the time. Practicality everyday. The elders loved him, the children loved him. Even the infants... But they all hated me. The best the elders would do is try to poison any of my food, the children would attack me and the infants would cry in my presence. But... Do you hate me?"

Corruption recoiled at the sudden question, having not expected a sudden twist from that, but he should have seen it coming.

"No! I care about you! I promise I'll protect you until the day I die! And that means we'll live forever! I won't die!"

Nightmare chuckled sadly, staring halfheartedly at the donut in his hand.

He wasn't hungry anymore.

"Can I please sleep? You can take back control and do what you want. No killing, however."

Corruption hesitantly seized the reigns that were handed to him, feeling as his nerves returned to his body slowly due to his worry.

He didn't know how to help. He was the embodiment of negativity for God's sake! He wouldn't be able to do much!


Corruption blinked, feeling Nightmare's fear spike at the very familiar, and very cheery voice.

He turned to come face to face with Steven, and it was almost like every liquid was drained from his body, even the goop on his form.

Steven looked so devastated, his big eyes shining with unshed tears.

"Please..! You're not a corrupted Gem, are you? The other's are telling me that you are and that I must stay away from you but..." Steven's fists clenched as he ruined furiously at his eyes, trying to act tough. He would help his friend!

"But, I don't care! You're my friend! You won't hurt me and I won't hurt you! Because I don't want to fight you! And-"

Steven was cut off by a goopy hug, the tendrils wrapping around him as well.

He heard sniffling from the being that was hugging him, followed with a warm, wet patch on his shoulder.

"Y-you're the s-second person that rea-really cared!" The voice was different from the one he heard after the giant spider, and he almost cried.

Sans wasn't gone. The Gems were wrong. Sans was still able to control himself, he didn't actively attack him on sight, he was able to talk properly, act properly.

He was still here.

"Sans!" He returned the hug with much enthusiasm, unbothered by the goop that threatened to damage his happiness and seep through his clothes.

"I'm so sorry if I did anything wrong! I should've been able to help! But I just stood by..."

Nightmare responded by pulling back, a lone, purple eyelight glaring right at him.

"It wasn't you. I was injured and Corruption took control of the situation. He was able to protect me. I'm alive because of him."

Steven smiled, wiping his tears of joy before movement in the corner of his eye got his attention.

He looked over before practically bouncing in place, "LION!"

Nightmare blinked in confusion, following the other's gaze to make eye contact with a pink, fluffy lion that seemed rather intelligent.

He would of panicked and moved to attack or protect Steven, if not for the emotions coming off of Steven and the lion.

Steven was happy, ecstatic even, bouncing all over the place behind him, whilst the lion held a protective edge towards Steven and, front what he could sense, one was forming for him too.

Well, looks like another friend had joined the group, but what activities could he include a lion in?

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