Part 14

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It's been a month since Yo's death and the new king which is So is currently in a coronation day.

"Greetings King So!" We all said in unison. While staring at him someone appeared in my vision a guy look like So wearing a dark dress.

"Gwangjong?" I remember him I saw him during the ritual. I shrugged it off...

We are currently in So's room eating with Baek Ah.

"Here eat this" So said

"I can't eat cucumber" I said and they both laugh.

"Here" Baek ah said and put egg. I thank him and eat it.

"So when is the wedding of you both?" Baek Ah ask

"Yah! Are you crazy?" I ask

"Why you haven't plan it?" Baek Ah ask

"Tomorrow" So answer as we both look at him

"Wahh daebak!" Baek Ah yelled.

After the dinner with them Baek Ah leave. I was about to leave when So pull me.

"Why?" I ask

"Come here" he said and makes me sit on his bed.

"Why?" I ask

"Let me rest for awhile" he said then lye on my lap.

"Are you really sure on marrying me?" I ask

"I am" he said

"Jinjja?" I ask

"I said I am" he said 


It was my 2nd wedding and I was fully dress to a heavy one again.

"Ma'am it's time" they said I nodded and stand up.

We reach the place where the wedding is held.

After the wedding we head to our room.

"Are you happy?" So ask untying my hanbok

"Who won't?" I ask and untie his hanbok too. He grab my chin and kiss me.

3 years later*

I was pregnant to my 2nd child.

"Queen Wang, you should stay at one side" the servants yelled

"But I'm bored" I said

"But the king will kill us" she said

"He---" before I could respond So come out of no where

"Yah! Didn't I tell you stay at your room!" He yelled

"I was bored" I said

"Come on" he said and drag me to my room. 

"When are you giving birth?" So ask

"I don't know the doctor said by tonight or tomorrow" I said

"Ok" he said I feel like something is wrong in my stomach

"Why are you sweating?" He ask

"Im.....fine" I said

"What's happening?" He ask

"There's something wrong in my stomach!" I yelled

"Call the doctor!" So yelled.

The doctor came and said that the child need to go out or it will die.

"Get the baby" So order

"But if I do that she might die" the doctor said

"Save the baby" I said barely opening my eyes

"No" he said

"Just do it, I'm fine" I said and later on I feel like the baby come while I lose consciousness.

I woke up, I was in a familiar room not in goryeo but in Seoul.

"Jae Min, you're awake" Someone said, I remember her it's my sister

"How long was I asleep?" I ask

"For like 3-7 days?" She clueless said

"You should go to work" she said

"Why?" I ask standing up

"Do you even remember where you work?" She ask

"In a factory of perfume, right?" I ask she nodded.

I change to my work uniform and go to the factory.

I was accompanying a customer he is looking for a perfume.

"I want a good perfume" he said

"It smelled rose here" he added

"Ah, that's because we have our product a lot of rose oil in them" I answer

"Especially this serum here" I said showing him a serum

"It's made with Bulgarian rose oil" I said when I remember something

Bulgarian rose oil, you didn't use that did you? I heard Baek Ah's voice

"Is there something wrong?" Ask the guy

"Huh?" I ask

"It's nothing" I answer

"It's good for your skin if you use this regularly" I added while showing him the serum

"Oh did you know in Goryeo Era they have this BB cream?" I ask showing it to him

"Men use it alot this days" I ask swatching the BB cream

You'd better be prepared, I will never let you go I heard So's voice. Upon hearing that I dropped the serums and stumble.

"Jae Min ah, you should take a rest" my co worker said I nodded and walk off. 

I change my dress and walk out. While walking outside, I saw a sign written

Goryeo Era Paintings

I take a look at it and found some paintings that happen to me when I'm in Goryeo.

I saw a painting where the ritual is happening, a wedding. And last is the King, I look at the painting and saw So.

I reach the painting of Gwangjong and read his identity.

Gwangjong a good and wise king living in Goryeo palace year of 1856.

After reading that I go to another and saw a portrait of So alone in the palace. I can't stop myself from crying, he is alone.

"I'm sorry for leaving you" I mumbled

"I'm sorry" I kept repeating while sobbing

"Sorry..." I said

Authors POV.
Gwangjong in the palace, he watch as the people in his palace get killed showing without expression.  After Y/n leave him he goes back to his self and start killing people again.

He is now alone in his called palace no one but a single breath you'll hear.


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