Part 13

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I woke up, I was in a familiar room not in goryeo but in Seoul.

"Jae Min, you're awake" Someone said, I remember her it's my sister

"How long was I asleep?" I ask

"For like 3-7 days?" She clueless said

So I was not from goryeo I travel back in time and forget everything even my name. Now, I was back and still remember them. Was it a dream?

"You should go to work" she said

"Why?" I ask standing up

"Do you even remember where you work?" She ask

"In a factory of perfume, right?" I ask she nodded.

I change to my work uniform and go to the factory.

I was accompanying a customer he is looking for a perfume.

"I want a good perfume" he said

"It smelled rose here" he added

"Ah, that's because we have our product a lot of rose oil in them" I answer

"Especially this serum here" I said showing him a serum

"It's made with Bulgarian rose oil" I said when I remember something

Bulgarian rose oil, you didn't use that did you? I heard Baek Ah's voice

"Is there something wrong?" Ask the guy

"Huh?" I ask

"It's nothing" I answer

"It's good for your skin if you use this regularly" I added while showing him the serum

"Oh did you know in Goryeo Era they have this BB cream?" I ask showing it to him

"Men use it alot this days" I ask swatching the BB cream

You'd better be prepared, I will never let you go I heard So's voice. Upon hearing that I dropped the serums and stumble.

"Jae Min ah, you should take a rest" my co worker said I nodded and walk off. 

I change my dress and walk out. While walking outside, I saw a sign written

Goryeo Era Paintings

I take a look at it and found some paintings that happen to me when I'm in Goryeo.

I saw a painting where the ritual is happening, a wedding. And last is the King, I look at the painting and saw So.

Isn't Yo the king?

I wonder to myself does that mean? I'm only back at the year of 2019 but the era is not yet done until So become the king? But how? I can't do it, destiny will do.

I can't believe it. I quickly go out and go to the pond where I drown. I jump and feel myself being pulled.

I'm still in Y/n's room she has been unconscious since last day.

"How's the baby?" I ask the doctor

"It's fine but when the baby comes out she might die" the doctor said

"Is there anything you can do to save them both?" I ask

"There is." He said

"And that is?" I ask

"Preventing the baby for coming out if you want to save the queen you should kill the fetus inside her tummy while she is asleep" he said, I need to save Y/n

"Do it" I said

"Are you serious?" He ask I nodded.

Skip the killing part*

I woke up and feel so light.

"Y/n!! You're awake" Yo said

"What happen?" I ask

"You loss consciousness when they punish you" he said I nodded.

"I have something to tell you" he said

"What is it?" I ask

"The baby, it's gone" he said

"What?!" I yelled

"I'm sorry" he apologized

"Who did it?" I ask not looking at him

"Who did it?!" I yelled

"It was me, it's the only thing I can do to save you" he said

"You're right you save me but how about my child? Did you?" I ask

"I'm sorry" he said

"I'm sorry too" I said as he look up

"Why?" He ask

"I don't think I can do this anymore, let's divorce" I said

"Y/n stop joking" he said crying

"No one's kidding here, let me just tell you I never want to be with you" I said

"Ok, I'll give up I know you will never love me" he said

"Sorry" I mumbled

"I'd like to tell you I have a worst sick and nothing can cure it" he said

"I told my guards to fetch So and make him the new king" he added

"It's my last day" he said I look at him and found dark circles in his eyes.

"Thank you for being with me" he said and close his eyes.


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