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[This story is from the japanese movie peach girl but some of the story is changed. I love that movie, y'all must watch it.]

Kim Seung came to school running with clothes all over her body and an umbrella covering her form the sun. Yes you heard it right, in a hot day, she fully covered herself with clothing.

After running outside, she took off the clothes that covered her, well except for her uniform of course.
Let me explain to you why she did that, i meant everyday she would start her day like that.

Her skin is not like those models with perfect pale skin, hers is different, kim seung's skin color is more tan. Its beautiful for her but she doesn't like it, because of her crush, mark lee, she wanted to get whiter because they say it's his type. And she didn't wanted to be teased and bullied for having such tanned skin.

She heard screaming outside but she just shrugged it away. Speaking about the screaming, here comes the popular boy of the school, lee jihoon. Or also know as dino, the maknae of seventeen, the famous group of the school.

Lee jihoon has a big crush on kim seung. But she didn't know. And if she knew, she'd beat the heck out of him for falling in love with the school's bad girl.

There is another part of the school full of screams but it was near the same place where the first screaming was. It was because of school's little devil, also known as kim areum's best friend, yoon hana. Her height is 7cm smaller than areum. Some boys wanted her sign for her magazine since she was a model. That's why she well known.

When she walked by the hallways to her classroom, she heard gossips.

"Her skirt is too short." Yes her skirt was short but she didn't care about it.

When seung arrived in her classroom, she starts to hear boys gossiping about her skin.

"Her skin is too tanned, she looks ugly." Her hands turned into fists and was about to punch but someone stopped her and told a lie to the gossiping boys.

"She went to have swimming classes that's why her skin is like that. So stop." It was mark who said that, yes, mark lee.

Mark lee had a slight crush to kim seung. But she still accepted that he doesn't like her. She didn't notice actions to her.

Mark turned back to seung said some awkward words.

"U-uhm... good luck." She said staring at him.

"Good luck on what?" Mark was dumbfounded.
Which made seung go back to her senses.

"You know... clubs, some school activities." She said and mark nodded and smiled.

She began panicking inside because her crush defended her. She went back to her seat and started putting A LOT of sunscreen on her face, i mean A LOT.

Yoon hana went infront of her bes friend's table and was shocked to see her best friend go over board on putting sunscreen.

"Kim areum! You're putting too much!" Hana then started giving her napkins. But areum said something and it was shocking for her but for hana, she thinks it is alright.

"That pouch! Isn't that the one i wanted to buy yesterday but I didn't buy it since you said it was ugly?!" Seung said in disbelief.

"Yes, but after you left, i came back to the store and bought because I thought that it was beautiful." Hana said like it was fine for her.

To be continued

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