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A/N: The picture is the aromantic flag. Again, all of these are direct quotes.

"You can't rush love. But believe it will come because it most certainly will. You just have to find the right person."

(I'm sure I'm not alone in saying I hate hearing that).

"Everyone has the ability to fall in love unless they were raised in such a way that they are so repressed and abused that love was never given to them in the first place. Then that would constitute a sick mind like a psychopath."

"Everyone falls in love sometimes, even when they try their hardest not to. Some things in life people just can't help happening, and love is one of those."

"Anyone can fall in love, it's easy! Just let love come to you."

"If you seem relatively social but have no desire for a relationship then you may be depressed. You should talk to a therapist to determine the cause of your problems."

"For a woman, love is everything. If she has love in her life she will never go for friendships."

(Because of course romantic love is the only kind of love that exists).

"Friends are only there for convenience and they don't really care about each other. The only relationships where people care about each other are dating ones."

(Two excellent examples of the way our society treats romantic relationships as much more important than friendships).

"Boyfriends/girlfriends give more than a friend would and are generally better than a friend in many ways."

"Romantic love and relationships are universal topics. Everyone is ultimately looking for love, hoping to share their life with someone and increase their happiness."

"Everyone has romantic intentions at some point, you'd be lying if you said otherwise."

"At one point in your life you are bound to feel romantic feelings towards someone."

A/N: If you have any more suggestions for this section please leave a comment! is a good website, for aromantics or anyone else wanting to learn more about aromanticism.

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