Chäptër Nïnetëen

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Evangeline's P.O.V

"That was quite close! But still a little too far to the left. Try and tilt it slightly to the right before you shoot.

I followed her instructions, my brows creased with concentration and my thumb hooking near the corner of my mouth. My right arm ached painfully from pulling back the string, but I assured myself it was worth it. Faith had awoken me before the sun was even awake and instructed that we start practicing my shooting, that is if I still wished to learn. As frustrated as I was, I would say, I was quite proud of my own progress since about four hours ago. I had gone from almost shooting Faith, to almost shooting myself, to almost hitting the tree to finally, actually hitting the tree.

I focused on the center of the great oak, trying my level best to aim my arrow slightly to the right of where I wanted it to land. The suns rising heat burned at my back and my hair stuck in many different places, but the feel of the string between my fingertips and the power of the bow in my hands quickly wiped away all of that discomfort.

I inhaled like Fiath had taught me and then exhaled long and even, waiting for that feeling of serenity before releasing the string from my fingertips.

I watched in slow motion the bend and flex of the arrow as it shot past the bow and the whistle of air that it broke while shooting from the string.

A loud thunk made me gasp and drop the bow from my stance until I was just holding it with one hand. There in the oak tree, sat my arrow, buried perfectly in the center.

I gasped and turned to Faith slowly. "Faith..."
She turned to face me just as slowly with her own smile before we both squealed like little school girls. "I did it Faith! Oh gods above, I did it!"

Faith clasped my hands in hers while we jumped in synch. My heart jumped along with our bodies, my happiness escalating incredibly high.

When were finally finished, I helped her pack up the arrows along with her bow and the one she had made for me at some point during my lessons.

Afterwards we had run to the stream she said she had found the night before, and bathed, washing our hair and dirt covered bodies in the clear water. While the water was frigid and had me shivering in seconds, I had never felt more alive. More free.

Around half an hour later, we emerged and put back on our destroyed dresses.

After struggling into the cloth with wet bodies, we mounted the horses and continued Northeast, our hearts hoping we would come across a village far enough away that no one would know who I was.

As we rode, me and Faith chatted about little nothings here and there, along with a few stories of our past. I found out that Faith had been sent from her family to work for the castle since they couldn't afford to feed or care for her properly. At least at the castle, she said, they cared for her.

We had ridden another half of a day, since the sun was now setting to our left and the bright orange light cast the shadows of ourselves and our horse's against the leaf littered ground.

We were just about to stop for rest when we spotted smoke rising in a thinning of the trees up ahead, the smell of bread and beer making its way to us even through the forest. I cast a hopeful look at Faith before I nudged Arion with my heels, letting him take speed ahead. It only took a few minutes of our horses huffing and speed that we happened upon a cobblestone street, tall lamps lining the road with their bright glow of yellow.

We slowed to a halt until we were side by side, our faces taking in the quaint little town with bright eyes.

We wondered around for a while before we finally asked if there was an Inn for us to stay at for the night.

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