Part 12

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I go back to the palace and go to my room. I sat on my chair and sigh. So all this time, Y/n is seeing So the only reason why she want to go out.

I was at a room where they will held the investigation.

"Queen Wang, how long have you been seeing him?" Sok Mung ask but I did not answer just look at him.

"Queen Wang, If you did not answer we'll end up here all night" he added

"I'm not seeing him, I'm protecting" I said

"What do you mean?" He ask

"It's not---" I got cut off when Yo come in. They bow while I stayed seated not looking at him.

"Leave us" I heard Yo said

"But..." Sok Mung said

"I said leave us" Yo said and they leave. Soon it's only me and Yo.

"Why do you have to do that? I trusted you" he said, I finally look at him and answers

"It's my own will, let So go" I said

"Punish me not him" I added

"You know I can't do that, you think I don't know that you're carrying my son" he said that makes me shock, how did he know?


First night outside the palace I feel like vomiting so I go outside.

"Queen Wang, are you ok?" My servant ask

"I am, I just feel dizzy" I said

"Should we call the doctor?" She ask

"No I'm fine" I said and she nodded then later on my other servant come back.

"What is that?" I ask

"It's a fish!" She said and I puke

"Ma'am, are you really ok? I should call the doctor" she said and leave.


The doctor arrive and examining my pulse.

"Queen Wang, congratulations!" He said

"Why?" I ask

"You're pregnant" he said

"Queen Wang!" My servants yelled in happiness

End of Flashback

"If I won't receive the punishment, it will be unfair to the others who received it" I said

"I don't care, for now take care of yourself and the heir" he said and dragged me out. When we're out now the guards stop us.

"King Yo, you can't take the Queen with you the investigation is not yet over" the guard said

"Yo I'm fine, you can go" I said

"Move, didn't you know she's carrying the prince?" Yo threatened so they move.

I woke up I was in my room. I change and go out, I can't believe what I'm seeing. All the officials begging Yo to punish me for my mistake.

"Queen Wang, you should ignore them it might affect your baby" my servant said

"How? When I'm the reason why everyone in the palace is in a mess" I said

"Ma'am..." She said

"I'll go to the king" I said

"Why?" She ask

"I'll talk to him" I said and walk. While walking I can hear whispered. I sigh and continue walking.

I reach Yo's room.

"King Yo, Queen Wang is here!" Jimong yelled

"Let her in" I heard Yo said. I come in his room and found out he's drinking some tea.

"Why are you here?" He ask as I take a seat.

"The officials are begging you to punish me" I said

"So?" He ask

"You should" I said

"How many times do I have to tell you I don't want, you're holding my son" Yo said

"Ok, I'll get going" I said and leave.

"Ma'am, what happened you look down?" My Servant ask

"Go to my room you all, don't follow me" I said

"But.." she said

"I said go" I raise my voice a bit and walk to the room where the investigation is held.

"Queen Wang? What are you doing here?" Sok Mung ask

"Do the investigation now" I said

"Are you sure?" He ask I nodded

"Ok I'll start" he added

"Are you with him when you go outside?" He ask

"I'm not, I happen to encounter him on my way outside" I said

"Why are you going outside?" He ask again

"I feel like I need to go out so I did" I answer

"Did you help him go out the town by using your sign which is the chain?" He ask

"I did, he is badly injured that he might die" I said

"So you're saying you did not go out the palace to meet him and you just encounter him outside then you found him badly injured and help him go out the town by giving your chain to the doctor?" He ask I nodded

"You're in danger" he said

"I know" I answer

I'm still in my room when Jimong come inside yelling.

"What's the problem?" I ask

"It's Queen Wang" Jimong said and I widen my eyes

"What happen?" I ask

"She go to the investigation and admit all the things she have done with So. She can't escape anymore" Jimong said I quickly go out.


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