Chapter 87

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"She's gone..."

I sat in the bedroom and it just felt empty. I just sat there thinking about the look on her face when she walked in and the fact that she didn't even cry or anything. I can't just let her walk out of my life that easily. I don't even care if she cheated, I want her back.

I put on some shoes because I was gonna go to her house, but then the doorbell rang. Assuming it was Briana, I ran downstairs to open the door.

"Bri?!" I said, swinging the door open.

But it wasn't her. It was Tatiana, again. Hasn't she caused me enough trouble for one day?

"What the fuck do you want?" I asked harshly.

"Is Briana here?" she asked nervously.


"Do you know when she'll be back?"

"She's never coming back," I said in a low voice.

"Wait why? What's going on?" she asked.

"In case you haven't figured it out, she dumped me. So, I would appreciate it if you would just get the fuck outta here and never come back. Stay away from me & stay away from her," I said.

She frowned and went back to her car. I didn't really care if I upset her or hurt her feelings. I made sure she was gone before I got in my car and left. I was gonna find Bri and get her back.



I can't fucking believe he would do this to me. After he promised he wouldn't. Maybe I should stay single forever because I keep getting cheated on. Maybe it's not them, maybe it's me.

When I got to my house, I got an idea. I put Bailey inside, then left. I'm almost certain what I was about to do wasn't right. Nothing good can come out of this, but I'm doing it anyway.

I got out of the car, rang the doorbell and waited for someone to answer the door.

"Hey Bri. What's up?" he said when he opened the door.

I stood there quietly trying to figure out which twin I was looking at. When I realized it was Tyrell, I kissed him. I know this is wrong, but who cares. Blake sure didn't care when he was fuckin' that bitch on the couch.

We walked in his house and made our way to the couch. I sat on his lap and continued kissing him.

"Bri, have you been crying?" he asked, pulling away, "what's wrong?"

"Nothing. It's just my allergies," I lied.

"Did something happen between you & Blake?" he asked.

I felt like I was about to cry, but I sucked it up. I didn't answer him, I just continued kissing him. I took off my shirt and he unbuttoned my pants. We were, then, interrupted by Tyreke walking in.

"Bri? What are you doing?" he asked with confusion written all over his face.

"I was about to have sex with your brother until you interrupted us," I said.

"What about Blake?" he asked.

"Fuck him!"

"What happened?!"

"He fucking cheated on me, so FUCK HIM. Come on Tyrell, let's go in your room," I said, getting off his lap and grabbing his hand.

He got up and we started going to his room, but Tyreke hit him upside the head.

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