Modern life pt. 2

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"Hi mom! This is my friend, Luci! Can we go to the mall?" Shai ran down the stairs pulling Luci behind him. He jumped to the bottom and looked up at his mom with an innocence in his eyes.
"How did she get here?" His mother looked down at him with the 'mother look'. Shai shrugged back, not wanting to tell the awkward truth. "Okay, get in the truck then."
They drove to the mall, every stranger would give a strange glance at Luci as they walked past. They shuffled quickly from store to store, not buying much. Then they reached hot topic.
            "Huh!!! This store is full of ripped up clothing and colored hair! What is this!?" Luci jumped at the sight of so much black in one area. Shai laughed, getting an outraged look from Luci.
            "That's the style of today! The ripped clothing signifies toughness, and colored hair is just cool all together." Luci went around touching every single thing. When they ended up leaving about an HOUR later, she came out in a my chemical romance shirt, a ripped jean jacket, and a anime plushie . "What a haul Luci!"
         "Uh huh!" She nodded with the utmost enthusiasm. They walked back to the car, getting even MORE weird looks than before. They got home and they both sat in Shai's room boredly for a moment.
          "So, let's 'hang out' Shai!" She showed a wide smile, and did a small clap with her hands. They continued to hang out for the rest of the day until the sun melted down into the pink sky. Luci had to go somewhere, anywhere, since she couldn't stay with Shai forever. "I'll go get a job! Well... I can't.. don't worry your little head! I'll figure it all out."
         "I always trusted you Luci." Shai smiled back to Luci, hiding the pain of a depart from a friend. Luci waved a solemn goodbye, walking out the door and closing it behind her slowly.

  The end?

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