Ch.2 in love with my older brother and best friend WTF?!?

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As i entered the room i gasped my heasrt skipped a beat right before my eyes was the guy that broke my heart into pieces....Michael. He turned around and faced me at first his face was shocked then changed into a warm smile. "Hey Dakota I've missed you." he said softly as he was going to pull me in hug I couldnt help myself but hug him back i've missed him so much. He was the first guy i've ever loved with his dirty blonde hair and his warm hazel eyes. As i looked in his eyes i noticed a hint of sadness in them. But that couldnt be he was the one that broke up with me. "Umm...I've missed u too." i replied nervously i act so retarded around guys. He chuckled "Do you want to hang out after school today?" hope in his eyes "I dont think my brother would like that." He winced he was probally terrified of my brother he did kick his butt when he broke up with me and Mason saw me crying in my room. That was one of the worst days of my life you can never forget your first love."Oh ya i understand well if you ever want to hang out anytime soon just call me" he said grinning. Oh gosh he is so hot i thought to myself. "Ok i will b-" i was interrupted by a squeky voice. "Um excuse me why are u talking to my boyfriend bitch?" she said angrily "Who the hell are you calling a bitch you big fat hor everything went down hill from there."

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